Looking to Twitter for Free Financial Advice
Financial advice from Twitter? On the face of it, the idea may sound a little odd, to say the least! After all, most people associate the popular micro-blogging site with hashtagged celebrity feuds, endlessly re-tweeted jokes, and the self-indulgent utterances of a wide variety of people from all ov...
Balancing Paying off Debt, Saving Money, and What Comes Next
Let’s assume you know the basics of living below your means. You’ve got a job, regular paycheck, and don’t spend all your cash as soon as it enters your bank account. Congratulations, you’ve made it to the first stepping stone to becoming financially independent and responsible.
4 Ways to Bring in Extra Income
So you think it’s time you made the transition from “slave to the grind” to evening hobbyist, and maybe get some extra cash out of it in the process? Look no further, here are four resources sure to inspire and delight you. Pretty soon you’ll be your own boss.
How to Get out of Debt When you already have Healthy Financial Habits
There is a lot of great advice out there about how to get out of debt. Unfortunately, the saturation of this advice means that a lot of it is basic common sense.
PPI Claims Scandal Costs HSBC Another Lump Of Cash
Just when the banks thought the good times were back and it was safe to spend some spare cash, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) rears its expensive head again. After already setting aside over £22bn, UK banks are having to dip into their champagne funds to once more add to the compensation pot.
What is a Trust Deed?
If you're having trouble keeping up with debt unsecured debts of over £5000 then a Trust Deed is one of three main solutions that could help you. The other two options are a Debt Arrangement Scheme or a Sequestration but these can be expensive and disruptive and may not be for you.
How Much Does Leaving Appliances on Standby Mode Costing You
Almost all electrical appliances have a standby mode which allows them to switch back on very quickly and display information such as the date or time when they are technically "off".
Hidden Holiday Gems
It’s holiday decision time once again. Where are you going to go bring the family this year? You’ve already been to most of Europe’s major cities, the Caribbean hotspots and large swathes of North and South America.
The Executor Role: honouring the Deceased After Death
When a loved one dies, emotions can run high for a long time afterwards. Although you may have already had a lovely service and burial for your loved one, most of the hard work occurs after he or she has passed on.
Who Are The Healthiest Workers In Britain?
Who are the healthiest workers in Britain? Doctors? Nurses? Firemen? It might surprise you to learn that trades people tend to live far healthier lifestyles then most others.
Things That Can Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums
If only we could drive without insurance! Wouldn’t that be a perfect place to live? Well, not really as you’d have to pay for everything yourself. Insurance can be useful when it’s needed; however most of us go many years before ever needing to claim on our insurance.
What is Involved in Remortgaging?
Want your remortgage questions answered? We don’t blame you.
Crowdfunding – The Craze That’s Kickstarting Your Creativity
Just a few years ago, rock band The Smashing Pumpkins offered their fans a proposition that the news media seized upon as proof of musicians in decline – they gave people the chance to fund their album.
Ripped Off at Motorway Services #STOM
Tiredness Kills & Makes You Poorer That's what the signs on the motorway says (well the first bit,Tiredness Kills) so you are encourage to take a break at the services, at a cost though! OK so why am I so annoyed this time? What really gets up my snot box is that corporations try every tacti...
Some Ways of Making Extra Money Online
Making Money Online Today I received the following Tweet: @JohnnyDebt Hi Johnny - would your followers be interested in these ways to make extra cash? Of course, I am always interested in finding new place where there is a opportunity to make some money.
Search for Zero Bids on eBay
Saving Money on eBay We all love a bargain, and quite often some of my best bargains have come from eBay. There are lots of manuals and blogs out there giving great tips on how to maximise your selling potential on eBay.
Reduction In Landlords Seeking Vacant Possession
The number of landlords seeking vacant possession of their properties has fallen 43 per cent year on year, according to the National Landlords Association (NLA). In 2012, 20 per cent of landlords sought vacant possession, compared to 14 per cent in 2013.
Making Money On-line
Using the Internet to Make Money Every day as we wade our way through the internet, we always see adverts "How I Made Millions with this Fool Proof Plan" or "I Made 000s in my Sleep". You are then faced with load of facts and figures of how the process works.
How is the Financial Ombudsman Service funded when Dealing with PPI Claims
If you have as dispute regarding your PPI claim, once all the procedures have been followed, the case could be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
Cutting Excess and Sticking to a Budget
While young, you think that once you grow up and get to have money on your own that life is easy. You imagine yourself with fancy sports cars, jet skis, and all the big boy toys you can dream of.
Making Money with Google Adsense
This time I thought I would write some more about monetizing my blog. So yesterday I decided to sign up with Google AdSense. The whole idea is that I will show readers from the very beginning of what the earning potential is with a site like this one.
Parking Meters - Stop Thieving Our Money #STOM
Parking Meter Theft For quite sometime now I have been really anti parking meters! I am still not decided if I hate all parking meters or just some. My real hatred for parking meters started sometime ago, this was when the council started to install new ones in our area.
What Insurance do Taxi Drivers Need?
Getting the right insurance as a taxi driver or taxi business owner is essential.  Not only do you have to worry about the risks associated with other roads users but you also need to think about your passengers and the general public too.
Closure Of Bankruptcy Association
Bankruptcy Association Closure Today as I opened up my mail, I thought that I would be reading a "newsletter" from the Bankruptcy Association.
Stop The Debt Bullies UK - E-Petition #stom
Debt ePetition An e-petition has been officially set up via the HM Government site. Anyone that has been a 'victim' of Debt Collection Agencies or Debt Buyers is invited to sign the petition.
What Expenses Can I Claim for If Going Bankrupt?
When you go bankrupt there are certain figures that the insolvency service would use to calculate your monthly disposable income. Obviously, some outgoings such as mortgage, rent or council tax will vary depending on where you are.
Missing out on £8000 a Year? Turn Spare Room into Cash
Renting out a Spare Room OK, this may not be everybody's cup of tea, but renting out a spare room can generate a lot of needed income.
Council Tax and Liability Orders Legality
Legality of Liability Orders Sadly I am not a solicitor (or maybe that is a good thing?), but each time that I have to deal with a liability order, I really do have to question the true legality of it.
Binary Options Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out
Binary options should be a simple and straightforward way to engage in the financial markets. However, binary options shouldn’t just be treated as a hobby, but a skill which needs perfecting if you really want to profit. Here are some common mistakes for novice digital options traders to avoid.
Drug tests to be introduced for UK drivers
It has been illegal to drive whilst under the influence of too much alcohol in the UK since 1967.