Top Ten Ways Students can Make Extra Money
The question of how to make a bit more money is bound to come up at some time during your studies, so let’s have a look at some creative ways to do this.
Reduce Costs by Redesigning Your Warehouse @wssl691
There are many practical reasons for redesigning the way in which a warehouse is laid out. These vary from the need to remove 'pinch points' to being able to access high value stock more readily.
Earning Money with Matched Betting @TheMoneyShed
Is Matched Betting really the Holy Grail when it comes to earning online? Risk free, Tax free income that ANYONE can earn from home? Is it too good to be true? I’ve never really been into gambling.
What is a Bridging Loan? @bridgingloancen
What is a Bridging Loan? A bridging loan is a short term funding solution that can be used until a long term solution has been found. A bridging loan is for almost all land or residential property in the United Kingdom regardless of whether that property is habitable or not.
How Not to Pay a Parking Ticket Fine #STOM
OK, as you know I am really anti parking meters! I just object to the fact that as a motorist I am a target for money. As the years go by free parking spaces are almost now extinct. In the good old days bays were set aside for 20 minutes parking with no return within the hour.
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health & Life Insurance! @HealthRewards1
For most households health and life insurance is a necessary policy that remains untouched until times of need. However it is a common misconception that you cannot benefit from insurance policies unless making a claim.
Freebies and Free Samples App Review from @LatestFreeStuff
The new Freebies iPad/Android tablet app is an essential download for anyone who likes to get free stuff. Just download the app and you're ready to go. You'll instantly be presented with a clear and easy to view list of all the latest deals that you can take advantage of to get free goods.
What Everyone Ought to Know about Their Consumer Rights @ComplainingCow
Helen Dewdney, blogs at providing consumer advice, guidance and tips on how to complain effectively.
Saving Money Charging Disposable Batteries - #MoneySaving
We often hear that you should not recharge normal disposable batteries. However, as far as I can tell so far, it can be done! Before you even attempt to do this, do an internet search on the dangers of recharging disposable batteries.
How to Complain Effectively with @ComplainingCow
There are often times when something goes wrong and we feel a need to complain, not only to get it off our chest, but also because we feel that we need some form of compensation. OK, so we have made a purchase or used a service where the outcome has left us terribly disappointed and out of pocket.
More Ways to Save Money With Vouchers @Voucherbin Website
As usual I am always on the lookout for sites that will help us to make money or save money! Money Saving with Voucherbin I recently came across Voucherbin who are also worth following on twitter at @Voucherbin. They will constantly keep you updated with the latest money saving vouchers.
Reasons Why People Make A Personal Injury Claim
When someone has suffered a physical injury, they often find their lives have to change, either in the short term or the long term. If their injury was not their fault – caused by someone else’s mistake or negligence – going through an official complaints process can help.
Make Money Being a Money Hacker @MoneyHackerUK
What is Money Hacking? hack: NOUN: A quick or inelegant solution to a particular problem, in this case Money. Money Hacking Mobile Phones It started in 2003. My local Phone shop had over-ordered a low-end Nokia phone (a popular item at the time) and were selling them off at £20 each.
How To Raise Cash Quickly When You Are Self-Employed
Sometimes you find yourself needing cash instantly to help you with bills, unexpected business costs and just life in general. Many of those who are employed rely on their monthly or weekly wages to cover these costs and put a bit by for a rainy day.
Not All Bankers are Bad - A Whistleblower's Story
I remember one March day in 2009, I was sat in my little office in the Holywell branch of Santander. I had recently been recruited by the bank as a branch Financial Adviser.
An Overview of How to Live Free: @LatestFreeStuff The Definitive Guide
We all try to save money as much as we can whilst spending as little as possible. However, the vast majority of us agree that if you are a living, breathing, human being of the 21st century, you're going to have to spend some money in order to live any sort of comfortable life.
Easy Budgeting Tips #Budget
Even as wages only finally start to overtake the rate of inflation, the need to constantly be on top of your spending and budget is paramount.
Money Saving Tips for New Drivers #MoneySaving
Getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time as a fully licensed driver is a pivotal moment that many people strive towards, and with all the hard work and effort it takes to get there, you will rightfully be excited when that day finally comes.
Choosing the Best Personal Loan for Your Budget #Budget
Feeling the squeeze of the credit crunch? You’re not alone. According to independent research, the middle class of England was hit hard, with more than one in four families reigning in their purse strings and trying to spend less. Worse, almost 1.
Looking to Twitter for Free Financial Advice
Financial advice from Twitter? On the face of it, the idea may sound a little odd, to say the least! After all, most people associate the popular micro-blogging site with hashtagged celebrity feuds, endlessly re-tweeted jokes, and the self-indulgent utterances of a wide variety of people from all ov...