If The Wolf of Wall Street Created Apps….

Jordan Belfort was one of the most iconic financial brokers during the 1980s. Known for his wild lifestyle, his ridiculously amazing parties and a proclivity to exist on the edge. His story is immortalized through The Wolf of Wall Street, but we are still left wondering what would have happened if he were exposed to today’s modern technology. We take a look at four apps that he definitely could have created.

The Echo for Traders

One of the hindrances of the early trader era was that they always had their ears glued to the phone (that’s when they were not indulging in illicit activities). But imagine if they could have gotten their hands on a piece of tech like the Amazon Echo! Not only would Belfort and his buddies have immediate access to news, business data and stock reports, but he could do so from virtually anywhere in existence. The Wolf of Wall Street would have to be renamed the Wolf of the World Streets, too much? Okay, ignore that last part.

Tinder for Forex Brokers

The online dating app Tinder has been making controversial waves since its launch. Allowing casual flings, or a serious date (yes, these occasionally happen as well), the woman (man…or both) of your dreams to be a swipe away. Let’s extend this concept to the world of trading – What would we see? Ranking systems in between swipes? Profit margin conversions notifications in between meet-ups? Maybe there could even be a fail-safe device that prevents users from interacting with anyone when they are “too far gone” to conduct proper human interaction.

The Legalized Marijuana Store Detector

We wondered whether to include this one, but seeing as these ideas are completely fictional, a little controversy is harmless reading.

In the 1980s, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) was not exactly keen on traders high on marijuana, not that they are now, but there’s much less taboo around the subject. This next app would probably become the most downloaded app ever, sorry, Facebook. This detector might also be useful during casual “jaunts” to areas of the U.S such as Colorado, Portland or perhaps Maine, as it’s nearest to NY. With a bit of innovation and advice from the Wall Streeter’s sufficient IT (and law) teams, it would most likely be that the app would be adapted to detect on-going passing of legal bills with notifications to users. Maybe, just maybe, he could have even prevented himself from destroying that amazing body of a car if he had this app.

Airbnb for Millionaires

Airbnb currently lists over 2 million rental properties from around the world. As opposed to being forced to crash at the house of an associate, The Wolf would have likely taken this application up a notch to provide elite listing for millionaires alone. Dubbed “Rent A Platinum”, it could speak to other like-minded fans of debauchery and coordination of the next big party. Maybe this app could be another investment product offered only through Stratton Oakmont? After all, people love high-tech, high-money start-ups. Don’t they?

In truth, Belfort could have jumped on any of these opportunities in a cocaine-laden heartbeat. Not only proving them to be highly successful, but in yielding long-term investment opportunities, another notch for his trader portfolio.

Keen to experience a trader life? You can hold the markets in your hand with this app. We can’t promise it’ll change your life, but it’ll teach you something new and that will definitely change your life.


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