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How to complainThere are often times when something goes wrong and we feel a need to complain, not only to get it off our chest, but also because we feel that we need some form of compensation.

OK, so we have made a purchase or used a service where the outcome has left us terribly disappointed and out of pocket. Usually, the immediate response is to contact the company concerned and vent our anger at someone on the the end of the phone. Sometimes just a quick phone call will do the trick and the company makes the effort to put things right.

There are instances though, by the end of the call you feel as though nobody cares about your problem. When it comes to this point you wonder what you can do next, who do I contact, what are my rights? You may also feel that because of the problem you should be entitled to some form of compensation. So where do you go?

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The Complaining Cow

For sometime now I have been following Helen Dewdney on Twitter, which has turned out to be a fun thing to do. Helen will often sends out a Tweet that shows her or somebody else’s progress when complaining. Just these little snippets of information can prod the reader into the right direction to start to make a complaint.

Helen also has a Website that is packed with information on How to Complain. However, this site is not just for the person who wants to make a complaint. There is also a section on How to Avoid Complaints, so if you are in business then this site could also be for you and your company.

How Do I Make a Complaint

If you follow the link above, you will find a section on the website; Top 20 Tips How to Complain!. There is also a short video to watch, that will give you additional information.

The site is packed with tips and tricks to help you on your journey to complain effectively. I think the thing that stands out is how important it is to be; polite, pay attention to detail, present your case professionally.

The site also offers you some of the legal information and contacts you require to help you with your complaint.

How to Complain Book

Yes there is also a book: How To Complain: The ESSENTIAL Consumer Guide to Getting REFUNDS, Redress and RESULTS!


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