How Not to Pay a Parking Ticket Fine #STOM

How Not to Pay Parking FineOK, as you know I am really anti parking meters! I just object to the fact that as a motorist I am a target for money. As the years go by free parking spaces are almost now extinct.

In the good old days bays were set aside for 20 minutes parking with no return within the hour. In general I thought that this was reasonably fair, as more often than not I only needed a short stop to do certain chores. But of course these free bays have all but disappeared because of Local Council greed.

What is even worse, the new breed of parking machine, the one where you have to put in your car details. Not only does this take time and generate long queues, as people have to follow detailed instruction, but also the fact that you have to remember the number plate of the vehicle. This makes the ticket non-transferable, resulting in people not being able to be kind to their fellow person, by being able to pass the ticket on if there is still time left on it. It also means that Greedy Council is making even more money from the motorist!

Never Pay a Parking Ticket Fine

So should you ever receive a parking ticket, then fear not as there could be a way out of having to pay the fine. Joshua Browder, who over a period of time, managed to accumulate quite a few parking tickets. So with a bit of time, research and dedication, he managed to successfully appeal against many of the parking fines that he had issued against him.

As a result of this, Joshua created a simple website, that only takes a couple of minutes to sign up and create/generate a customised appeal to the relevant Council.

Many recipients of Parking Tickets don’t have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal. So if that is you, then why not pop over to DoNotPay Parking Tickets and start the process.

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#STOM Stop Thieving Our Money


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