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  4. Hi johnny,
    Is property clause appropriate? and
    Home equity clause the same thing or
    What is the difference.

  5. Hi Johhny,
    I have agreed an iva proposal with payplan 5 years ago feb 2009.
    I have paid £380per month last 5 years.
    I have offered £420. per month for next 12 months for equity release year.
    I tried remoorgate my flat and rejected twice.
    In my proposal say it is a protocol compliant iva.
    My equity is very high more than 85 percent.
    I have asked them where abouts of my home equity clause
    They say it is not there and theycan not included after 5 there any way to restate the home equity clause?

    But I have noticed a small print in my proposals says:
    “Is property clause appropriate?yes”
    I do not understand the meaning of this yes and property clause.
    Payplan compliance department has started deal with my concerns now.I have not heard anything from them last two days.There is a big silence which worries me if creditors reject my proposal of paying and force me to sell my property.
    What do you advice.

    • Hello Alexander, many thanks for visiting my site.

      I have passed your queries onto somebody who has a deeper understanding of IVA’s.

      Have you by any chance done a land registry search on your property, to see if the IVA company holds a charge over the property?

      Would you also be able to send me a clear copy of your IVA agreement? If so please send to jd(you know what goes here, hint “AT sign”) Sorry for the code, I get a lot of spam.

      • Hi Jonny,
        Thank you for responding to me.
        When I sign iva 5 years ago I was asked to sign and return a document which allows iva ip to put a stop in case of I would like to sell my house.
        I have not check with land registry if they applyed on my flat yet.but
        I can check.
        Why is important this could you explain please.

  6. Hi Jonny.
    I have been to land registry site.but how I know if iva has put condtoon on my flat.
    Many thanks

  7. 54,200 invested in SIPP. Company proposed a CVA which was accepted. Is there a minimum percentage that any creditor can expect as is not clear on arrangement?

  8. Please can you help with an imminent eviction. I don’t think the warrant is valid and would like to stop this going ahead.

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  10. Hi Johnny,

    Hope you’re well.

    I was looking for a contact email address as I wanted to let you know about a brand new piece of content we’ve created that explores spending habits in the UK and how they’ve changed over the decades.

    If you could point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it.

    Best wishes,


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