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  4. Hi johnny,
    Is property clause appropriate? and
    Home equity clause the same thing or
    What is the difference.

  5. Hi Johhny,
    I have agreed an iva proposal with payplan 5 years ago feb 2009.
    I have paid £380per month last 5 years.
    I have offered £420. per month for next 12 months for equity release year.
    I tried remoorgate my flat and rejected twice.
    In my proposal say it is a protocol compliant iva.
    My equity is very high more than 85 percent.
    I have asked them where abouts of my home equity clause
    They say it is not there and theycan not included after 5 there any way to restate the home equity clause?

    But I have noticed a small print in my proposals says:
    “Is property clause appropriate?yes”
    I do not understand the meaning of this yes and property clause.
    Payplan compliance department has started deal with my concerns now.I have not heard anything from them last two days.There is a big silence which worries me if creditors reject my proposal of paying and force me to sell my property.
    What do you advice.

    • Hello Alexander, many thanks for visiting my site.

      I have passed your queries onto somebody who has a deeper understanding of IVA’s.

      Have you by any chance done a land registry search on your property, to see if the IVA company holds a charge over the property?

      Would you also be able to send me a clear copy of your IVA agreement? If so please send to jd(you know what goes here, hint “AT sign”) Sorry for the code, I get a lot of spam.

      • Hi Jonny,
        Thank you for responding to me.
        When I sign iva 5 years ago I was asked to sign and return a document which allows iva ip to put a stop in case of I would like to sell my house.
        I have not check with land registry if they applyed on my flat yet.but
        I can check.
        Why is important this could you explain please.

  6. Hi Jonny.
    I have been to land registry site.but how I know if iva has put condtoon on my flat.
    Many thanks

  7. 54,200 invested in SIPP. Company proposed a CVA which was accepted. Is there a minimum percentage that any creditor can expect as is not clear on arrangement?

  8. Please can you help with an imminent eviction. I don’t think the warrant is valid and would like to stop this going ahead.

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  10. Hi Johnny,

    Hope you’re well.

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  11. Hi i was wondering if you would be able to help me as ive had ongoing problems with my hosuing association for rent arrears due to housing benefits they have tried to evict me several times and I’ve filled n244 form and went to court and its been suspended due to a battle wuth my council with missed payments anyhow all the notice of evictions I’ve had beforw have had a county court stamp on the letter but i have recently had another one sent through the post ànd it’s same as previous one I’ve had but it hasn’t got the county court stamp on it this time so what does that mean is it not actually real

    • Sometimes in the past companies/organisation would send out court documents to scare people into making payments etc. I think that probably the best way would be to contact your local courts and get confirmation from them to see if it is real??

  12. Ok thank you I’ll shall ring the courts also I had moved in to my house in 2012 and it was my first property and I came from the homeless list and was pick by the housing association and i was given a 12month introductory tenancy and was told I will have a new secure tenancy after the 12months and I’ve been here 5 yrs and I haven’t got anythin where does that leave me

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    As new research reveals apathy over credit scores, Equifax analysis shows that those living in the South West have the highest average Equifax Credit Score.
    • South West residents have the highest average Equifax Credit Score of 403
    • Those living in the North East have the lowest average Equifax Credit Score of 371
    • Over half (57%) of Brits have never checked their credit score
    • 63% of East Midlands residents have never checked their credit score, the highest of any region
    • Although Londoners have one of the lower average scores, they are the most content, with a third of the region saying they are happy with their credit score
    • Residents in the East of England are the unhappiest region with their score
    • An Equifax Credit Score of 467+ is in the highest band and considered excellent

    London, January 2019 – The festive season is the time of year when consumers may have spent a little more than they intended, prompting many to head into the new year with plans to bring finances into line. Understanding their credit score can help consumers get to grips with their finances, however the latest research from Equifax reveals that over half of Brits have never checked their credit score with a credit reference agency.[1]

    Londoners are most content with their credit scores, with a third (33%) saying they were happy the last time they checked, closely followed by the South East (31%) and the South West (28%.) Those living in the East of England are the unhappiest, with 11% saying they were not impressed the last time they checked their score. 1 in 10 of those living in the North West came in a close second when it comes to being unhappy with their credit score.

    However, Equifax analysis of average credit scores across the UK[2] seems to suggest a disconnect between consumers’ level of happiness or unhappiness with their credit score and their actual score.

    This new infographic from Equifax can show individual’s how their area’s Equifax Credit Score compares with the rest of the UK.

    Average Equifax Credit Scores by Region
    Region Average Equifax Credit Score
    South West 403
    South East 402
    East of England 393
    Scotland 382
    Wales 379
    East Midlands 378
    London 377
    West Midlands 376
    Yorkshire & Humber 374
    North West 372
    North East 371

    “It is clear from our latest research that a significant number of individuals have never checked their credit score, which means that are not putting themselves in the best position when it comes to applying for credit” said Lisa Hardstaff, credit information expert at Equifax. “Not only should people get to grips with their credit scores, but they should also check their credit reports to understand what information is influencing their score.

    “The new year is always a time for new plans and potentially new financial applications. If individuals are planning on making an application for credit, they should check their credit report and score in advance. The credit report will give a record of their borrowing history, which could help them decide whether they need to improve or keep up their borrowing habits. And knowing their score and what range it falls in can help to give an indication of how lenders may view their creditworthiness.”

    This map shows the areas of the UK that have the lowest and highest average Equifax Credit Scores:

    Note: Full details of the Equifax Credit Score Bandings can be found below[i]


    Media contact:

    1 All figures from YouGov Plc survey for Equifax of 2,012 adults. November 2018
    2 Analysis of Equifax Credit Scores, November 2018

    I Equifax bands scores, from red to green, as follows:
    Red 0-278 – People that have a credit score in this category are likely to be classed as very high risk by lenders because their credit report will show they have not kept up with credit repayments. They may have bad debts, County Court Judgments (CCJs) or insolvencies.
    Red 279 – 366 – People with credit scores in this category are still likely to be classed as high risk by lenders, but they may have with slightly less bad debts than the lower scores than people in the previous category.
    Amber 367 – 419 – Lenders are likely to expect people who have scores of between 367 and 419 to be a moderate risk. There may be some evidence of late payments on debts.
    Amber to Green 420 – 466 – People in this band are most likely to be viewed as low risk by lenders. This is because lenders would expect few people in this category to be experiencing serious issues with repaying their credit.
    Green 467 (and above is excellent) – It is likely that most lenders would regard people in this category to be very low risk. This is because they would expect very few people with credit scores in this region to have problems with repaying their credit.

  25. Could you please advise me regarding a secured loan which was taken out for £35000 repayment £600 per month. I have had to finish work because of I’ll health but my husband does still work and the loan is joint. The company reduced the payment for 3 months to £400 but now want fill payment including arrears £700 per month. I am struggling to pay £400 now I have found that the loan is for 10 years and the total repayment will be over £70,000 we were desperate when we took it out and clearly stupid. I do seem to remember being told at the time that people transfer the loan to another so don’t end up paying that but we now have no chance of doing that because of my circumstances. We are on a tpp with step finance but they are unable to help with this. We have an interest only mortgage also. Are you able to offer any advice?

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