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What do you think of Santander Bank? – Poll — 7 Comments

  1. I arrived for a holiday in Thailand, having told my bank manager that I was going, he advised me to use the new Zero card issued to me , I told him only on the proviso that they collect from my current account every month, consequently I used the account up until I was notified that I had maxed out the Zero card !! during this time I tried to use my Debit card but that was blocked , the reason why is unknown to me, I spent over three hours in total trying to get them to open my debit card and 6 weeks later, they (the Liverpool mafia) eventually accepted who was after having sent copies of the passport and my Debit card,. This has to be the most stupid and horrendous bank on the planet, I wished I was in the position to sue them, but unfortunately cannot qualify for legal aid. on my return in May will transfer all to the Clydesdale, at least they have common sense,.

  2. (in Madrid)First of all, I had to wait for 3 months to get my first ATM card, nd the reason: the lamination has finished!!!
    I was told the acc. was free of charges, as I had my fix incoming. after one and half year I noticed they have charged me a huge amount and after lots of investigation I came to know that they have changed their policy and we should keep a minimum average money in the acc, otherwise they charge us!(whit out even informing us)
    The other horrible part is their personal behavior. They act like, you need them, and your need are not of importance. Like if you as a foreigner, are inferior, go and do whatever you feel like!
    some uneducated people! They don´t know, they exist becz of us! if people/clients, decide to close their acc. they will go to hell nd be fucked of!!

  3. they have no code of practise,any one reading this comment plzzzzzzzz before thinking of banking with them,go to nat west or barclays.i wont go into detail but my mother who is ninety years old has banked with them for several years.this little old lady has dimenture,and the family has had to get P.O.A which took six months to get,but the bank will not take block of her account for up to four weeks.this is criminal at the very least.

  4. Santander Bank

    My comments regarding the above bank are not printable.On no account should anyone bank with Santander,if you have an account,close it immediately

  5. Santander ARE without question the most appalling, retarded, bunch of kunce I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with. I can’t list a specific incidence of why, there are too many reasons to mention. All I will say is these idiots WILL find a way to ensure you go one pence over your overdraft, so they can start those charges rolling. On my 50 quid overdraft, they will charge me 1 pound per day for every single day i’m overdrawn, even on an arranged overdraft, even if I’m just one pence into this overdraft.
    They are the craftiest, work kind of scum out there operating in the country. I just hope they lose so many customers they have no other option than to sell up and fuck off back home.

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