A Cry For Help – Debt Help Needed

Shitterton SignDeep in Debt and Needing Help

Here is an eMail that I received just last night via my contact page:



Dear Sir, I have had a letter from Westcot Credit Service about the money I owe to the bank,, which is currently at £2,974.02. I am on benefits as I am classed as disabled . Due to the recent changes to the benefits system, my benefit has been cut to just under £72 per week, I cannot afford to pay the bank back in full, as they have asked, I am in financial difficulties , and probably it will get worse, now the winter is nearly here.Please can you give me some advice in this matter? I really don’t know what to do! Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Sincerely L”

It really is quite frightening when you are in this situation, pay a debt or stay warm during the winter?

Like all contact the that I get from my blog, I have replied to L.As I am sure that there is a fairly straight forward debt solution for L.

If you do contact me, I do reply, but please do check your spam box as sometimes I get caught up in that.


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