7 Effective Ways to Stop Overseas Debt Collection Scam Calls

Phone calls from debt collectors for debt settlement can be humiliating and daunting when you are forced to listen to their foul language and lies even at odd hours of the day. Consolidated Credit provides a guide to debt settlement services. These collectors speak in heavy accents making attempts to torture you with their fake identity, unknown locations, and threats of taking you to prison if you do not submit to their terms.
The brutal fact is that these debts collectors are not the real ones, and instead use fouls means to coup money from people who are unfamiliar with the standard procedures of debt collection. These people are fraudsters and extortionists calling from other countries to coup money from people who were lured into applying for a payday loan program over the internet. For example, a fake company succeeded in looting $5 million just before the FTC got into the way.

In one instance, a person shared his experience of receiving calls from an unknown person urging to pay back the money to the “First American Cash Advance.” The stunning fact was that the man was not even eligible to apply for pay day loans as he was working for the U.S military. The calls were made from an unknown location and the callers claimed they are from the FBI and would take serious measures if they are not paid back. The person knew that he was being harassed and did not owe money to anyone. However, since he was tired of receiving the calls all through the day, even at his workplace, he asked himself a simple question: “How should I get rid of these scammers?”

1. Do Not Engage With the Callers

A senior fraud investigator suggests never engaging with the callers. He says that these scammers are able to provoke further because people get into conversations with them explaining that they do not owe debts to anyone. Another attorney at a law firm says that these scammers have nothing to claim from you, and when they are not entertained by you, they prefer moving on to another person.

2. Bet Back at Them

If you are told that the agency has decided to take you to court, immediately ask for which court and the case reference number you are being filed for. Tell them you are calling the court to know the status of the case. Similarly, ask for the name of the law enforcement agency along with the designation, county, state etc., if the caller claims to belong to one.

3. Stress on Providing Written Proofs

In case, you are a defaulter on a pay day loan and are fretting that this is a real attempt to recoup money from you, ask for written evidence. Consolidated Credit provides a guide to debt settlement services. Not many people know that according to the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,” it is the right of the person in question to ask for a legitimate document from the debt collectors. Never say yes to an email confirmation since that too is a fraud. Moreover, don’t panic if the scammer says you will be arrested if you do not pay back the loan today.

4. Hire an Attorney

You can hire an attorney and provide him/her with the debt settlement caller’s name, telephone number, any email address provided to you and other details so s/he gets to contact the scammer. This way the scammer will know that you are a tough cookie.

5. Change Your Phone Number

Now this may not be a feasible and easy option for you since everyone from your family, friends and workplace contact you through the number and it is not so simple to dispatch the new number to those living and working in faraway lands. However, this can help you get rid of these scammer forever until you do not apply for a pay day loan in real, or fail to pay back one.

6. Record the Calls and Report

You can also record the telephone calls of the scammers, but ensure that you verify the process from the caller if your state restricts you to do so. If you are not allowed to record calls, take notes and inform the FTC (federal Trade Commission). The next time you can tell the scammers that you have filed a complaint against them with the FTC and they are recording your phone calls since then.

7. Take Them Easy and Have Fun

Though these calls are scary and frightening for many people, the easiest way to get rid of them is by ignoring them and having fun instead. Hang on the phone, blow air horns and whistles into the phone so they know they are at the wrong place.

About the author:
The above article is composed and edited by Shannen D. She is associated with many finance related groups and communities  including Consolidated Credit, as their freelance writer and adviser. Consolidated Credit provides a guide to debt settlement; http://www.consolidatedcredit.org/personal-finances/life-events/debt-settlement/


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