Aktiv Kapital Offer 75% Discount on Debts – Caution

Barbed Wire with DewSave 75% Off your Debt with Aktiv Kapital Debt Collection Agency


Here is a letter recently received from Aktiv Kapital:

“Dear Mr ….

Every year we are required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to send you a statement of your

account will stop we have enclosed this for you which shows you all the payments you have made towards your account.

To thank you for maintaining your arrangement we would like to offer you a chance to clear your account in full with a fantastic discount.

Save 75% off  

You pay £1577.40 We pay £4732.20

If it makes it easier, you can spread this amount over six months by making six equal payments. You just need to make sure that your first payment is received before 30th  November 2011

If you can’t take advantage of this offer then you can continue to make payment as you do now. To discuss this offer further, you can contact your

Aktive Kapital Letter

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advice agent or call us directly on oh 800 542 7329.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Okay this is a superb offer!

However, I do have a couple of concerns:

  • If you do take up this offer to spread the amount over six months, what happens if you make a late payment or miss a payment?
  • If you pay the full amount at once, what are the guarantees that you won’t be pursued at a later date for the outstanding balance?

Whatever agreement you come to, make sure that you have it in writing!! Also make sure that any payments you make you have a record of that.

I would suggest that if paying the full amount at once you get a letter from the company accepting this as a final payment and that they or any other company will not pursue you for the remaining balance in the future.

It is also advisable that any payments are made through a third-party as additional evidence.

I have personally in the past negotiated Full & Final Settlement/Short Settlement with Debt Collection Agencies. It is not unusual for a company after a settlement to contact you at a later date chasing the outstanding balance! It is very important that you keep all letters and other information safe!



Aktiv Kapital Offer 75% Discount on Debts – Caution — 1 Comment

  1. Wise to be cautious here. On many occasions creditors have sucked money from innocent people and then laughed at them by saying it was just a contribution and the other 75% is still payable!

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