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Application to Set Aside a Statutory Demand — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Please can you help me I am trying to download two forms

    Form 6.4 – Application to Set Aside a Statutory Demand

    Form 6.5 – Witness Statement in Support of Application to Set Aside Statutory Demand

    But the documents don’t download and open.

    I need to set aside as soon as possible.

    Please could you try to download and e-mail back to me so I can complete the process.

    With thanks


  2. Hello U

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.

    I have edited your details to give you anonymity regarding your comment.

    These forms that you require are not readily available from this site, as I think you would need to discuss this sort of thing before you submit them. The major problem is that some creditors issue Statutory Demands without intentionally going through the whole process.

    How was the Statutory Demand sent to you?

    I have also arranged for someone to contact you.

  3. dear johnny debt i require the forms 6.4 and 6.5 forms to set aside a stat demand please contact me asap

    • Hello Debra, Often Stat Demands are issued only to scare you into action. I have often seen Stat Demands issued and then no action taken. Do you have any assets such as a property that has equity?

      You may also find this link helpful Set Aside Stat Demand

  4. The two barristers in question are rosa Zaffuto and David beard i paid then to help me in divorce and paid them £6,000.
    After giving them all the stuff on our business and home they then sent me sa state demand for 12 weeks work for half a million pounds.

    I set it aside but was out of time, then i heard nothing but i suspect skulduggery as the bar standards board tell me that one is disbarred and isn’t even a barrister and the other one promoted that status to me to i think swindle me out of money. The case has been moved to the high court and i have no knowledge of anything other then this new information shows that they are swindler fraudsters i had no interim billing nothing it is with the herts police now as a crime.the court said i need an IAA which makes me think they have done something without me knowing

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