Application for a Variation of an Order

If you have received a County Court Claim Form, similar to the one shown, regarding your debts.County Court Claim Form

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This is actually giving you an opportunity to respond. Just because the document has been issued by the court, do not let it intimidate you.

By filling in the relevant details you can request that rather than pay the full amount outstanding, you pay a monthly amount of what you can afford.

If however you take no action, the court will rule in favour of the creditor and you will be liable to pay the full amount – CCJ County Court Judgement.

Even at this stage there is another court document that you can submit and apply for a variation of an order.

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Variation OrderThis next form shows the result of an Application for a Variation of an Order. In this particular case the court rules that £249 .37 and costs of £87 to be paid by the defendant by instalments of £2.00 per calendar month.

Once again here is a solution to a particular problem.

Whether or not this is the right solution for you, I cannot say, but you should seek advice regarding your situation.



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