Attachment of Earnings Order – What Should I do?

Here is a Notice of Application for Attachment of Earnings Order .notice of application for attachment of earnings order

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“the judgement creditor obtained a judgement against you in the Northampton County Court and as you have failed to pay at ordered, the judgement creditor has applied for an attachment of earnings order requiring your employer to pay the judgement.

Failure to return the reply form and the statement that means is a punishable offence. It will result in your employer being contacted and you may also be sent to prison for up to 14 days.”

Now this is a rather serious letter from the courts!! Ignoring this type of letter it’s certainly not advisable!

The credit though has not done their homework, as the defendant is self-employed.

In this particular case the relevant reply form and statement of means has been sent to the courts.  The defendant is offering £7.00 per month against the debt of £9554.

It is also possible to come to an agreement with the courts without your employer being contacted.



Attachment of Earnings Order – What Should I do? — 2 Comments

  1. If you don’t send back the attachment of earnings form to the court within 8 days, how likely is prison? Has it been known for someone to be sent to prison? Or are you likely to get it suspended?

    • In my experience, I personally have ever known anyone that has ended up in prison for not returning the Attachment of Earnings. I personally know of only one case where the debtor failed to send in the attachment of earnings. This was about a year ago and I do know that today as I write they are not in prison.

      OK just because I have never heard of anyone going to prison regarding this, does not mean that it will not happen.

      Maybe someone out there know of a case where it has happened?

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