A Bad Blog Can Damage Your Finances

Car CrashOK I am not talking about crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s, writing great posts or getting loads of good back links. Hell, there are thousands of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies out there that can put you on the top spot. What I am talking about is real mistakes that can cost you money!

Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Just about every mistake we make outside of friends and family can cost us financially. Especially costly if a company is involved!! If we are late returning to our parked car; accidentally going over the speed limit; accidentally going overdrawn for a day………. OK, you get it, the list can be rather extensive.

Blogging Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Some of the mistakes listed above will cost you a few pounds and can be rather annoying. However, the next mistakes can cost you hundreds of pounds and even court action!

Photographs – All blogs work better visually if there are one or more nice photos to enhance the story. However, every time you post a photo on your blog you need to know exactly where that photo came from.

I have a very good friend who regularly writes to their blog. On one particular occasion they were in a rush and needed to make a blog post just before they had to go to another meeting. So they wrote the blog piece and decided that they needed to enhance it with a photo. A quick Google Image search produced the perfect picture for the article.

Eight months later; they were contacted by a company that specialises in searching the web for unauthorised use of photos. They then tracked this person down to a physical address and slapped a bill on them in excess of £800

We all now own some form of camera, so the best policy is to use that. Besides doing that also makes the blog more personal.

Writing – When writing your post, do not copy and paste stuff from other sites directly to yours. If you like a story, read it, then write it in your own words and style. Copying text is not only bad as it could be a breach of Copyright (another bill may come in your direction) but also search engines make a note of sites with copied material and you are then downgraded.

Guest Posts – Accepting a guest post could breach of both of the above, however it is easier to add your own pictures to a post once they submit it to you. Text is harder to find, you could do a search for a particular phrase, or you could use the services of Copyscape where you can have it check a particular page.

Libel – Some bloggers are very outspoken and quite freely name individuals or companies in a bad way. Definition: “Law; a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation”. You read about this sort of thing all the time, so to avoid the courts etc. have your work checked.

Just in case you were wondering about the above photo, I took it, my daughter created the scene.

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A Bad Blog Can Damage Your Finances — 5 Comments

  1. Ah but on the other side Johnny a good blog can make you money (I hear). There seem to be plenty of opportunities to get companies to pay you to write about them. As a blogger you can charge, either in product or cash, for a write up about their gear. I spoke to some mummy bloggers and standard pricing seemed to be £40 – £100 per post…not bad money for a mummy at home.

  2. Great post, and one that is definitely useful to me as a newbie to blogging. From now on I’ll be more careful when choosing particular content to include in my blogs. 🙂

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