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Buchanan Clark & Wells – Collection Letter — 3 Comments

  1. i got this letter last week, today i had 2 skinheads with tattoos about 6 foot 5 knock on my door, told me i have a week to pay or else and walked away. im literally shitting myself.

  2. Write to BCW and tell them you are a Gangster and you will employ a gang of up to 50 of the most notorious and ferocious gang of Vigilantes from the EastEnd of London and they will enter your premises by force with various type of weapons and will smash up your skulls and insert your brains up your anus holes and they will keep kicking the crap out of you until you beg for forgiveness.
    Don’t ever allow these bully boy bastards threaten or intimidate you in anyway and never ever fear them under any circumstances.
    Send them a very powerful letter and shut these hungry dogs up.

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