Debt Collection Agency Causing Clients Unnecessary Grief

Blair Oliver & Scott threatening letter

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Blair Oliver & Scott are unnecessarily giving their clients grief when it is their own fault!

Just lately I have been contacted by a number of people saying that they are getting lots of phone calls and letters from Blair Oliver & Scott, because their payment plans are in arrears.

Here is a copy of a letter that someone received from Blair Oliver Scott regarding this situation:


“Dear Sir/Mdm,


Account Number:

Balance: £6,000

Your payment plan is still in arrears, despite a previous request for payment.

You must pay the arrears in immediately. Payment can be made by calling our dedicated payment line on the number below.

Failure to do so will result in your plan being cancelled and further action taken to recover the outstanding debt.

This may include:

  • Referring your debt to one of our door-to-door recovery agents to call at your address and discuss payment of the debt; or
  • Court action to seek a judgement against you, if we are successful we could then seek an order allowing us to collect money directly from your employer; or if you are a homeowner applying to the court for a charging order over your property.

If you do not make a payment, we want to make your way that BANK OF SCOTLAND may take any available funds from a current or savings account that you hold with them.

To avoid further action call us today on the help line number below to discuss the repayment of your arrears with our operators.

So how has this happened?

Recently all the major banks in the UK changed over to a new system for making payments called ” Faster Payment”. From what I understand this payment system is designed so that transactions take place on the same day, rather than four working days as it used take. However, any bank not using the faster payments system, is unable to receive payments from banks using the new system.

It would appear that all banks have made the transition with the exception of Bank of Scotland, of which Blair Oliver & Scott are a part of.

People who have set up standing orders to Blair Oliver & Scott in the past are now finding that they are receiving threatening letters because of missed payments due to a problem with Blair Oliver & Scott banking system!

Wouldn’t it have been better if Blair Oliver & Scott had sent out a letter explaining the problem, rather than the letter quoted above?

Blair Oliver & Scott Get Your Banking System Sorted!

Here is a recording from today asking Blair Oliver & Scott when they will be switching to the faster payment system:Blair Oliver & Scott faster payment So not for a few month then.



Debt Collection Agency Causing Clients Unnecessary Grief — 2 Comments

  1. I have received a letter about twice a year in the past two years regarding my payment suddenly being in arrears. Having checked my own bank account I can see that the payment has left my account over a week before these letters.

    When trying to call Blair Oliver and Scott I am asked to enter details via the phone keypad (postcode, account number, DOB) then ether is a wait usually of five to ten minutes to get through to an offshore call centre. I am then asked for the very same details.

    Once all this is out of the way, the call turns into BOS actually wanting to get more monthly payments and not about arrears. Having paid the bill and on time I am told the plan will be cancelled unless I submit to an increase in payments. Having offered a payment I am told no you have to go through an assessment that will take ten minutes – but never does – and that will lead to them demanding more money.

    I find that BOS is staffed by the usually bully or robot brain that works in debt collection and that you cannot argue nor is it worth trying. I would rather they take me to court and I say my piece but I guess that wouldn’t go very far either.

    • Hello Mark

      Many thanks for your reply.

      Blair Oliver and Scott are the in-house collection agents for BOS/Halifax. I think that the best policy is to contact them in writing. Also when you write to them send them an Income & Expenditure to show that you are not able to increase your payments to them.

      When dealing with creditors, I find that it is always best to deal with them in writing! This way you have a record of what has happened regarding your account.


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