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Where to Get Good Free Debt Advice and Remain Anonymous?

It takes a lot of courage to seek out debt advice.

There are many places where you can seek advice about your debts, from charities to professional advisor’s. My advice would be to seek advice from as many different places as you can.

One of the biggest problems when seeking debt advice is that you may be offered a solution that is wrong for you, but very profitable for the company offering the advice! Remember that some advice could leave you financially worse off and assets such as your property could be at risk.

Debt solutions have to be tailored to the individuals needs, current and future circumstances. One persons solution may be to go bankrupt, whilst another requires a debt management plan and then another solution at a later date.

So as I say the best thing that you can do is discuss your situation as much as possible. From doing that you will be able to plan the best route to easing or solving the problem.

One suggestion to discussing your debt options is to post your problems on a debt forum. If you join a forum you can sign up anonymously – in fact that is what I recommend you do anyway!! Give yourself a false name or user-name and then post your questions. Don’t forget to tick the box to receive eMail replies before you submit your post, this way you will know straight away when someone has replied to your post.

The other great thing about posting on a forum is that it can be done form the comfort of your own home, and at a time of your choosing.

Riding the Rhino is such a debt forum, where you will be able to ask for help, or offer advice to other members.

To visit click on Riding The Rhino, and then register on the top left of the web site.


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