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Debt Settlement Order Unsolicited Text Message — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting – this week I have had a number of calls/voicemails with an automated message saying just the thing, and to press “2” on my keypad to find out more. I suspected it was a scam and googled the number to see if it had been reported… but nothing. Seems like this is the scammers topic du jour though!

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  3. I received the same message to my pay as you go phone today, but from 07542 059649. Which database do they get the numbers from? Very annoying!

  4. Had 2 messages this week from 0044 754300393 on 22nd March and from 0044 7591291158 on 24th March to my UK mobile over here in France.
    Can’t the authorities trace these numbers and do some thing about it ?

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