What is the Right Debt Solution For Me?

How do you really know what the right solution is for you?

When you are in debt the first biggest problem is telling someone that you have a debt problem.

The next problem would be to find advice that is specifically relevant to your case.

The trouble is that if you do an internet search, you will certainly have no trouble finding companies that can solve your debt problem. The problem now arises that these companies usually only specialise in on particular debt solution. If you contact them they will probably make your debt problem fit the solution that they offer or the most profitable to them.

I have seen cases for example where someone has been in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and struggling to make monthly payments to the IVA company, then near the end of the arrangement their house comes into the equation. The end result can be drastic!!

I often find that many people require a mixture of solutions, or just a simple solution that does not bleed them dry each month.

The truth is, no matter what solution you choose, there can be serious consequences!!! So you really need to know what all the options are, and in what order to use them?

You can always drop me a line and I can get someone to talk about your case with you.

You could also sign onto the Riding The Rhino Forum  and post anonymously and see what answers you get back?


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