Eviction Stopped!

This was posted by me previously on another site, but think it worth posting again.

I had two calls this week, one from a Martin Xx from Hertfordshire and another from Helen Xx living in Banbury.

Martin called me and said that he was due to be evicted in a few days time. Unfortunately because I live on the south coast we had to do it all by phone. However I gave Martin a quick run-down on how to fill out the N244, and also sent him by eMail additional stuff that he would need to submit.

So with a fist full of papers Martin trotted off to the courts, paid the fees and submitted his documents. The eviction was stopped and date that week for the court hearing was set.

End result is that Martin is no longer facing eviction!! He is back on track with his mortgage and also paying off monthly, his arrears.

Helen called me yesterday at about 1130 and said that “I am about to be evicted can you help?”

“When is the eviction due to take place?”

“Tomorrow morning at 1030!”

“Have you got an N244?”

“Yes, I saw your blog about N244’s and got a copy.”

Ok so we went through the procedures on how to fill it out, and also what other documents she would need.

We also discussed other options, and in this particular case there was a chance to also get a re-mortgage in place. This would not only pay off the arrears, but also be less monthly repayments.

I contacted a mortgage broker and asked if there was anything he could do?

The Mortgage Broker contacted Helen immediately Within a very short period of time Helen left her office with a completed N244, other paperwork that she had prepared with my suggestion, and a faxed Certificate to show that she had an Offer in Principle for a new mortgage; at a better rate than her current one! Helen submitted the paperwork, and got a hearing that afternoon.

Eviction STOPPED!!

I spoke with Helen at 1200 today and she still lives in her house, and when her daughter comes home from school everything will seem just the same.

23 hours to evict, of which only about 6 office hours – Mmmm not bad.

Do not leave an eviction to the last minute!!! Yes they can be stopped, but the more time you have, the better you can prepare. It can never be guaranteed that they will be stopped, but by making the effort there is a good chance they it will be stopped.

A copy of the N244 is here in Useful Information just submit your eMail address and a copy will be sent to you.



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