Extreme Couponing

The Art of Getting Massive Discounts on your shopping.

I was idly watching Sky and something caught my eye, there was a trailer for a programme called Extreme Couponing. The whole programme appears to be about collecting coupons, in order to get massive discounts off your weekly shopping.

Having done a search of Sky, the first program that I can find about it it on

Wednesday at 10 PM.

” Four shopaholics explained their passion for coupons, including Amanda, who has stockpiled 3000 rolls of toilet paper, and the “crazy coupon lady” who dumpster-dives the discounts.”

Sunday 9:30 PM

” Missy plans to make over $50 using coupons. Meanwhile, can super-frugal Amy buy over $400-worth of groceries for under $10?”

I have been great Fan of Couponing an have enjoyed rewarding benefits using grocery coupons from Walmart or Finish Line Coupons for buying sports merchandise.

You might also want to take a look at this use You Tube clip, just to see how much you can save using coupons!!

OK this is all very much American orientated, but I am sure that all the ideas will work here in the UK

Here is another clip which is a guide on how to coupon.

Answers.com coupons can be beneficial in many ways.



Extreme Couponing — 23 Comments

  1. It is so interesting that Sky is running this program. I wonder if it means we might get coupons in the UK?

    I grew up in the US and my mother has always had a stack of coupons in her bag. She will never let herself buy anyting without one. What day she shops also is dependent on which stores are offering double coupons.

    I would quite like it if we had coupons here then we could work at beating the supermarkets a bit more and since coupons come inside newspapers perhaps having them would help the ailing newspaper industry.

  2. Hello Viviana

    I take it then that couponing is far bigger in the US? I am not surprised it’s just another example of how in the UK we are being ripped off!

    I recently had a weekend in New York and was amazed just how much more you get for your money compared to hear in the UK.

    Just wanted to also say how much I love your blog: http://www.theleantimes.com/

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  5. Most of the things you see in this show wouldn’t work in the UK – they’re either disallowed by policy or would simply be refused by the supermarket staff (including the manager). Also no stores in the UK have double coupon days, so the possible savings are nowhere near as lucrative. Thrifty shoppers in the UK have to be satisfied with occasional freebies, not entire trolleys full time after time!

    • Looks like it is another way in which we are ripped off in the UK!

      I recently had a weekend in New York and was totally amazed how much I got for my dollar. Quantity and service far outstripped the UK.

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  7. hi yes i agree uk havnt yet caught on as much as us but im trying to get in record books with my coupons i wil not buy unless have coupons keep up the good work you are a credit and the more we push for coupons in uk the better

  8. Thank you for such an informative article, I look forward to your next post.

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  12. Hi Sky. Thanks for showing this programme on Extreme Couponing, in is great. I am interested in finding out how to get my hand on COUPONS for the stores in the UK. If there is anyone out there that can help me please get in contact with me. Or can you help me Sky to find out were i can get these coupons from to get free shopping no just 10% to 15% of the shopping. Garrie

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  14. Great site and great program on extreme couponing. I would love it. Being in the UK is pants. now I’ll have to move to the USA!

  15. I just love watching it on tv here in UK
    God this country needs to get into the 21st century.. 1000’s of family are starving here
    but the greedy food chains and even greedier goverment dont think about this
    we must waste 1000’s of tons of food a year through sheer neglect in how we shop for bargins
    the tax on food here is extreme,Food chains also instead of giving food away
    through atleast a ton a way a week in food bins for collection
    marks and spencer and sainsburys are the main contributors to this
    food wasting crime..when ppl are starving
    i just wished i had the opertunity to extreme coupon.. if we all had it more and more countries who are starving would get more food
    and our troops more food packages
    And 98% of familys would have 3 good meals aday in side them

    How can we start a campaign for extreme couponong here in uk


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