I Filled My Car at £0.35 per litre!!!

Jerry CansYes it is true, I actually filled up my Diesel car for 35 pence per litre!! When you consider that the average price is now £1.22 a litre, that is a massive saving.

It all came about the other day when I was sat in the pub. As I was sat there chatting to others, a man came into the pub delivering cooking oil to the kitchen. He came back from the kitchen with a drum of old cooking oil, it was at this point that I asked him what does he do with the waste oil??

So he told me………….. he then uttered the words Bio Diesel, this was when I really started to listen. It also turns out that his operation was only 2 miles from my home.

Anyway it turns out that he did two types of Bio Diesel. The first is just pure oil and second has a couple of additives for newer Diesel engines and winter running.

So I would suggest that you see if you can track down a supplier of Bio Diesel in your area and start saving a small fortune!!!

Just make sure you check with a mechanic that your car can handle bio diesel!



I Filled My Car at £0.35 per litre!!! — 3 Comments

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  2. As an alternative, you could make it yourself for less than 60p a GALLON!

    All you need is a reasonable supply of used vegetable oil, patience to filter it completely, an additive (like Miller’s Diesel Treatment), and COURAGE!

    I get a regular supply of used vegetable oil via Freegle.

    Oh, and HMRC allow you to make and use 25,000 litres of bio diesel for your own use every year.

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