Going Green Sometimes Means Putting Your Heart Over Your Head

Renewable Green Energy Cliffs Portland DorsetWe’re always looking for the next way to cut your monthly expenditure, and one of the best ways to do this is through cutting out energy bills. There are many ways by which this is a very possible task, but with the rise of renewable energy companies is this one chance to cut your bills?

Well, the honest answer is that in the short-term it’s not the most cost effective way of looking into your outgoings and that’s what it means putting your heart over your head. The expansion of the industry has seen the government jump in with tariffs and major investment that will see a drop in green energy – but, only over the medium to long term.

What’s the bigger picture?

The environment is in a bad way, we all know this, and there is a hope that the whole of the UK can get to being 100% renewable by 2050. This is an achievable aim, but only if change is inspired into people to change. Right now, many of us feel obliged to try to cut our carbon footprint but it just isn’t often financially feasible.

Investment into renewable energy is one of the things that our government has really pushed in recent years, and this could help the employment numbers in the country. But, when it comes to climate change, it’s true that there has been a huge rise in bills – 60% between 2004 and 2010 – but it’s the over-dependence that’s the issue, and the reason we have that dependence is because there isn’t a viable alternative.

How should you look at renewable energy?

While it’s nice to do your bit for the environment, installing things like solar panels or using renewable energy in the UK is not always available on a budget. But, always remember that there is likely to be a time when we all need to be green.

With zero carbon and a 100% green promise, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. As the industry develops, there will come a time when the costings for using renewable energy will be more reasonable and you should be ready for this. But, until then there are ways to do your bit for the environment.

Are there ways of going green and saving money?

If you don’t think that switching is the right options, there are other ways of cutting your bills while also playing your part in a healthier environment. Can you bike or walk to work or could you car share? Are you wasting money by leaving televisions and computers on standby? Do you leave the lights on even when you’re not in the room? Simple questions can save many pennies, which will eventually lead to pounds.


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