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Debt Colection LettersLetter Threatening Legal Action

I have personally in the past had to deal with HFO Services, they really were quite  objectionable!

I would always suggest that if you are dealing with creditors yourself, it is always best to try and do all negotiations by letter. This way you have time to think about your response, and you do not feel pressurised into making an instant payment just to get them off your back.

Here is a copy of a letter that someone recently received from HFO Services:

“HFO Services Ltd
P.O. Box 342
West Byfleet
Surrey KT14 6YX



Your Account With: Barclaycard
Your Account No:
HFO Case No:
Amount Ow from “Her Majesty’s Court Service” which highlights the legal consequences in the event of non-payment of your debt.Wing:

it is with regret that we note that you have still not contacted us to make payment towards your

HFO services threatening letter

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debt. Our investigation into your account is now complete and we can confirm that your case has been qualified for legal action. You will see that the balance of your debt continues to increase.

We should warn you that if we do not hear from you within three working days from the date of this letter, your account will be passed to our solicitors for legal action. This will result in an immediate increase in the balance of your debt because HFO’s legal fees will be added to your debt. You can avoid this by calling us immediately.

once our solicitors have reviewed your case they will issue a claim form against you in the County Court. The cost of the litigation will be added to your debt: this includes court frees, accrued interest and further solicitors costs. If we are granted a county Court Judgement against you and you do not pay in accordance with the judgement, we will apply for enforcement. The cost of enforcing our Judgement may be added to your debt. You should seek advice from your own solicitor if you are in any doubt as to the seriousness of your situation. Your solicitor will also be able to explain to you how we will apply to enforce our judgement against your income and any assets you may have. If you do not comply with the Judgement. You may refer to the attached information leaflete hope the above is clear and you can see how your continuing failure to contact us is costing you a significant amount of money. You can put a stop to all of this by calling me on HFO ext 02030249606 within the next 3 working days from the date of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Hannah Singh
HFO Services Ltd
customermanagement@hfoservices.com “

This is another example of what can happen if you continue to ignore correspondence from creditors.

It is always best to stay in contact with the creditors and come to some form of agreement.


Like I said in the beginning, if you feel intimidated by talking to the creditors on the telephone, it is best to correspond with them in writing. This way you will always have written evidence.

It is also advisable to seek independent advice about your situation. One good starting point would be to visit an on-line debt forum such as Debt Help Forum, where the advice is free.


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