Aqua Increase Credit Limit – Irresponsible Lending?

Aqua Credit Limit

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Aqua Increase Someone’s Credit Limit

Surely when someone is in a debt management plan, a company does not review someone’s account and then increase their credit limit?

This person is currently in a debt management plan and has been in the plan since 2008.

Having done an in-depth income and expenditure, it was found that the client was only able to pay £5.00 per month to Aqua as part of a pro rata split.

“Direct Line 0800 587 5770


Following the most recent review of your Aqua and external credit bureau records, your credit limit is now £600.00.

In line with our commitment to responsible lending we feel this limit is more appropriate. These changes are in line with your current terms and conditions.

If you have any queries relating to your account, please contact us on the Card Services number above.

Yours sincerely


Manager, Collections”

It certainly makes me wonderwhy the manager of collections would increase a clients credit limit when they are not even paying the required standard minimum payment?

Another useful resoursce is with credit card help via We Know Money. Here you will find a lot of lots of tips and information on credit cards.



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  1. I think that they know they can always get there money back which is why a lot of banks have such lax collections. As long as you make a contribution they are happy. At the end of the day if the customer increases there debt while doing this all it means is they will have to pay for longer.

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