Lease Options -The BBC Want to Know Your Experiences

I was contacted yesterday by the BBC and they wanted to know more about lease options.

Anyway, following my conversation with them, I was sent the following eMail:-

Some people who are in negative equity or are having real problems paying their mortgage are being approached by investors offering to by their property.

The investor will promise the seller a fixed fee in, say, 5 years time. In the meantime the investor takes over the mortgage. The seller can move into somewhere cheaper with the knowledge they will receive a lump sums when the investor sells the property.

The investor benefits because they are able to rent the property out at a price that more than covers the mortgage payment. They also hope that the value of the properly will rise above the amount they have agreed to pay the seller on the agreed date.

The BBC would like to speak to anyone who has entered a deal like this. Your conversation would be off the record and for research purposes only.  

Please contact –

Kirsteen Knight on 0208 752 7774 or at

This is also on the Property Tribes Forum:

“I am a producer at the BBC. We are considering making a programme about Lease Options.

Some adverts portray Lease Options as being able to provide wealth without debt but I also see there has been some concern about them expressed on Property Tribes.

I would really like to speak to people who could take me through the pros and cons of Lease Options.

If you can help please do give me a call on 020 8752 7444”.


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