Get Money Back!

You could be sat on a small fortune!

If you have had a credit or loan, or even had one in the past. You can be fairly certain that you are entitled to some money back!

Very often banks and credit card or unfair charges on your credit card and loan accounts. Added to this there are often Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies linked to these cards or loans.

Many people are totally unaware that they may have been mis-sold PPI or that the charges on their accounts were unfair.

JD LAW is a company that investigates unfair charges and mis-sold PPI on behalf of clients. There are a couple of reasons why I would recommend this company. Firstly they do not charge any upfront fees to investigate your cards, they work on no-win no fee basis. Secondly I have seen some of the claims that they have made. These can be seen at the Debt Help Forum

This process does not affect your credit rating.

What do you have to do? Quite simple really, give them a call; they will send you some documents to sign; JD Law will then investigate your claim.

After a short period you will probably be re-funded money that is owed to you. JD Law will then make a charge only when the claim has been successful.


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