If I can’t Pay My Debts Will I Go To Prison?

Deported SignThe Simple answer is no!

Basically, if you have any unsecured debts you will not be sent to prison for not being able to pay your debts back.

There are however a couple of exceptions:

Fraud – If it was found that you committed fraud, then it is possible that you could end up being sentenced for the crime. However, this would normally involve a very large sum of money.

Council Tax – from what I understand, non payment of Council Tax does carry a custodial sentence.  Being sent to prison for non payment of Council Tax is very rare. Magistrates must be convinced that you have ‘wilfully refused’ to pay the tax or you have been ‘culpably neglectful’ which means you have had the means to pay but have simply neglected to pay.

No matter how difficult a situation gets, it should always be possible to come to some form of agreement.

However back in the olden days things were tougher……

Here is a sign that I found on a bridge in Dorset:

Any Person Found Wilfully Injuring

Any Part of This County Bridge
Will Be Guilty of Felony and
Upon Conviction Are Liable to Be
Transported for Life
By the Court
T Fooks”

Deported Sign



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