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Use a Plastic Bottle as a Light Bulb – eco Light — 2 Comments

  1. “I am not sure how well it would work in the UK, but I am pretty sure that a dark shed, or something similar could benefit from such a device??”

    Is that a question and if so does it require two question marks? I’ll answer the question I just asked. It was a statement followed by two question marks. I suppose that reflects the unfortunate way people speak these days by making statments while using a question like inflection.

    “This sound like it could be a great money saver in the right place.” Surely one ought to say “This sounds” if attempting to follow the standard rules of grammar. The problem with being liberal and green is that people forget that being taken seriously involves being serious about communicating your ideas. I agree with the comment although I am dissapointed by the feeble use of the language to convey the sentiments contained therin.

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