Received County Court Claim Form; what do I do?

Have you just received a Count Court Claim form, and don’t know what to do?

County Court Claim FormClick on picture to enlarge.

Here is a Couty Court Claim Form from MBNA Europe Bank Ltd, via their solicitors Optima Legal Services Ltd.

In this particular case we are responding to the claim with the intention of getting the debt of £9409 to be paid in monthly instalments of £19 per month.

The response form has been completed with one copy sent to the courts and the second copy sent to the claimant.

If this is agreed by the courts then payments of £19 per month will be a good result. If it is rejected there is still another avenue that can be pursued through the courts in order to get the payments down to a manageable monthly amount.

Quite often the courts do rule in favour of the defendant, if they show that they are making an effort to reduce the debts.

In this particular case, this was the right thing to do.

If you have received a County Court Claim Form, discuss it with someone who knows your affairs. This way you can be sure that you are responding to the claim in the correct manner.

Not responding does not mean that it will go away! It does mean though it can produce a new set of problems for you down the road.

Some of these problems I will be writing about in future blogs.


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