Regal Credit Accepted Full and Final Settlement at 70% Discount

Regal Credit Consultants Full & Final Settlement

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Debt of £454.16 Settled for £127 In Full and Final Settlement

Okay this is only a small debt, however as you can see it was settled with a 70% discount.

Here is the letter from Regal Credit Consultants Ltd:

“Regal Credit Consultants Ltd

P.O. Box 587
GU 19 5YU
Tel: 08445 447 223
Fax: 0871 716 space 8006

Dear Mdm,

Amount: £454.16

We write with reference to a recent communication in order to confirm the following:

We are prepared to accept a full and final settlement figure of £127.00 to clear your liability of the above outstanding liability provided this is received by 30th of March 2012.

Payment should be made payable to ‘RCC Limited’ and sent to the above address with your account number clearly quoted on the reverse.

The offer is also conditional on there being no further activity on this account that impact upon the amount shown above.

Once payment has been received and cleared, you will not be pursued for any further monies by Royal Bank of Scotland-Style Cards all their collection agents in respect of this debt.”

Another great result in achieving a full and final settlement.



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