Still Struggling with Christmas Debt? Here are Some Green Ways to Help

Frugal ChristmasChristmas is an expensive time of year for everyone and if you still have some debt hanging over your head an easy way to fix that is borrow some money and take out an instalment loan. There are little ways you can save money each month and reduce your carbon foot print at the same time.

Turn It Off

Household appliances make up almost 15 per cent of electricity waste a year when they’re on standby. An easy way to reduce your electricity bill is to simply invest in an extension lead to plug all appliances like the T.V, DVD player and computer and when you’re not using it you only have one switch to turn off. This not only stops electricity waste, which helps saves the planet it reduces your bill as well.

Save Water

Each year we all waste so much water just by leaving the tap running every time we wash our hands, brush our teeth, wash up and all the rest. It takes a merely few seconds to turn the tap off when we’re not using it which in turn could save gallons of water a year and cut water bills. Another way to save water is to shower instead of taking that long hot bath. Save the relaxing bath for when you’ve had a really stressful day–it’ll be more of a treat that way. Try to time your shower and then cut a few minutes off that time which will save more water and save you more money.

Step Outside

An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time is walking or riding a bike whenever you go out. Riding a bike or walking to the shops or to work- if its close enough is a great way to keep fit and it’s free if you already own a bike. Another way to go green is to leave your car at home and use public transport as it is much kinder on the environment and cheaper too.

Furnish Your Home

Winters can be very long and harsh but by simply adding carpet or adding a large rug to floor boards it can help insulate your house. An easy way to cut your heating bill is to invest in thermal curtains as a total of 20 per cent of heat is lost through windows alone. Thermal curtains make it virtually impossible for heat to escape so you’ll reduce you heating bill and be just as cosy in the winter.


Most things are recyclable now days including mobile phones and ink cartridges. When your ink runs out from your printer instead of buying new ones most places will refill them for half the price. You can also make money from going green as there are places that will buy your old mobile phones and ink cartridges. Recycling can help you save the planet and pay off some of that Christmas debt at the same time.


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