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For a very long time now I have been completely frustrated by how the financial system seems to be totally weighted in favour of the creditors. I have become sick to the back teeth of seeing the court system being used to favour the creditor! It would seem that no matter what evidence the debtor presents to the courts, or the lack of evidence supplied by the creditor, the Judge more often than not rules in favour of the creditor.

Time and time again I have seen how debt purchasing companies, purchase debt for mere pennies in the pound and then make the life of he debtor even more miserable! The tactic of securing the debt against a property with a charging order, even though they do not have the proper documentation in place!!

Time and time again I hear of people going to court and informing the Judge that they have requested documents such as, Deed of Assignment, Original Signed Contract etc. Only for the lack of these documents not to matter in the eyes of the court! Ruling in favour of the creditor.

Liability Orders, Evictions, LPA Receiver tactics etc all have some Financial Injustice linked to them! It would seem that the courts help large corporations to benefit financially.

Michael Doherty and JusticeNOW

It was in my search for solutions to some of the financial problems that I came across, that I somehow stumbled upon Michael Doherty. From the stories that I read, it would seem that he had been treated appallingly by the police, courts, judges and others. If I recall correctly, his crime was that he reported a serious incident to the police. From just this simple action quite a few years ago now, he has endured continuous injustice from the police the courts and other high ranking officials.

When I see how Michael has endured the pressure, the lies, and the injustice from the very bodies that are supposed to protect us. Michael has managed to keep on fighting his corner (with some cracking knock out blows from him), all that he wants, and it is quite simple, Justice Now.

If you are interested in reading more about Michael then click on JusticeNOW, where you will be able to read about his incredible determination and the massive obstacles that he has had to overcome. More incredible is reading the lies, threats and injustice that he has had to endure!

Financial Fightback

When I read about what Michael has had to endure, I would like to think that in some small way I can contribute to helping a debtor get fairer Justice. I am not looking to get debts written of because of some loophole (or maybe I am if it is valid). What I would really like to see is that if a debtor ends up in court; the evidence that he produces, or the lack of it when requested from a creditor, this has some bearing on the court hearing being fair!!

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  1. Yeah, I feel your pain. I think it has been like that since forever and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon but I think there are still a few ways we can fight back and get what we really deserve.

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