Wescot Important Final Notice Letter

Bright Red and Designed to Scare You!

Wescot Credit Services Ltd



Despite previous correspondence a balance still remains outstanding on the above account.

Wescot Important Final Notice Letter

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unless you make contact with us and agree payment of £222,125.24 within the next 10 days, collection activity will continue on the account. This may lead to:

  • A doorstep collector being instructed to visit your property to collect payment; or
  • Either us or our client taking legal action against you through the courts. If the legal proceedings are issued and a judgement or Decree is obtained against you, court fees and legal costs could increase the amount you owe.

Call us now on 0844  824 1151 to discuss the payment of the debt. Details of the different ways you can pay out given on the back of this letter.

PAYMENTS DUE BEFORE: 8th September 2011

Calls may be recorded to improve our standards of service.”

So this letter has now landed on your doorstep, the colour of the letter and the tone designed to scare you into action.

It would seem that previous letters from this creditor and others have probably been ignored by you. This sort of letter must be treated as important, failure to do anything will probably result in them taking legal action against you. The longer this sort of situation goes on, means that you will have less room to manoeuvre and come to a deal, to prevent further action.

I would suggest that you get into some form of dialogue with the company in order to get a suitable solution in place.

Many people are afraid to contact creditors because of previous harassment and constant phone calls from them. For many debt collection company’s, they seem to have an in-house policy of being as objectionable as possible. They want to try and squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

It is always best to write to the creditors, this way you have a record of all your dealings with them.

Another option is to get a third party involved, who can negotiate with the creditors on your behalf.

You can also contact me and I can discuss your situation, to see what the best debt solution is for you.

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