Where are the Food Banks? Food Bank Locations in UK #FoodBank

GrillHow Many Food Banks are There in the UK?

Well according to the list that I have just seen, there are currently 915 food banks across the UK. I am sure that figure is wrong as there will be quite a few that are operating without much publicity or awareness.

I have also seen an article where people have approached food banks and requested food that does not need cooking, simply due to the fact they they have no money left to pay the meter to cook the food.

The list of food banks is courtesy of Dr Éoin Clarke (PhD) who has the complete list of food banks on his website. If you are looking for a food bank near you, I have put a link to the site (bottom of this post) where you will be able to find contact details of nearly all the food banks that are listed.

How to Apply for Food from a Food Bank

If you take a look at the comments section of this post, you will see that this question was asked by a reader. I have also answered in the comment section below.

It is also worth checking out this link: Find your nearest foodbank

List of Food Banks Locations in UK

Here is a list of all the food banks currently in the UK:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Aberdeen foodbank
  3. Aberdeen, King’s Community Church Food Bank
  4. Aberdeenshire North foodbank
  5. Aberdeenshire South foodbank
  6. Abergavenny foodbank
  7. Abergele District foodbank
  8. Alton foodbank
  9. Ammanford foodbank
  10. Andover foodbank
  11. Anglesey foodbank
  12. Angus foodbank
  13. Arden foodbank
  14. Arnold foodbank
  15. Ashbourne Elim Pentecostal Church
  16. Ashby foodbank
  17. Ashford foodbank
  18. Ashtead and Leatherhead
  19. Ashton Under Lyme, Tameside, New Life Church
  20. Aston & Nechells foodbank
  21. Atherton & Leigh foodbank
  22. Attwood Green Food Bank
  23. Ayrshire (East) foodbank
  24. B30 foodbank
  25. Ballymena foodbank
  26. Ballymoney foodbank
  27. Ballynahinch
  28. Banbury foodbank
  29. Bangor NI foodbank
  30. Barking & Dagenham DABD (UK)
  31. Barking & Dagenham,  Bethel Church
  32. Barking & Dagenham, Dawson Christian Centre
  33. Barking & Dagenham, Food 4 U
  34. Barking & Dagenham, Living Word Church
  35. Barking & Dagenham, Ramfel
  36. Barking & Dagenham, RCCG Rivers of Joy
  37. Barking & Dagenham, Reaching Hearts Foodbank
  38. Barking & Dagenham, Salvation Army
  39. Barking & Dagenham, St Mark’s Church
  40. Barking & Dagenham, Store City
  41. Barking foodbank
  42. Barmouth foodbank
  43. Barnet
  44. Barnet, Novo Centre
  45. Barnsley foodbank
  46. Barrow foodbank
  47. Barton Area Food Bank
  48. Basildon foodbank
  49. Basingstoke
  50. Basingstoke foodbank
  51. Bassetlaw Food Bank
  52. Bath
  53. Bath foodbank
  54. Beacon Food Bank, Portsdown Community Church
  55. Beaminster Food Bank
  56. Bedford foodbank
  57. Bedfordshire Food Aid Network
  58. Bedworth & Keresley foodbank
  59. Befordshire, Vineyard Church, Potton, Bedfordshire
  60. Belper, The Basic Idea
  61. Bestwood & Bulwell foodbank
  62. Bettws, Newport
  63. Bexhill foodbank
  64. Bexley foodbank
  65. Bicester foodbank
  66. Billingham foodbank
  67. Birmingham
  68. Birmingham
  69. Birmingham Central foodbank
  70. Birmingham Lifeline Food Bank
  71. Birmingham, Basics Bank
  72. Birmingham, Nathex Sparkill
  73. Birmingham, Vineyard Network Food Bank Birmingham
  74. Birmngham, St Chad’s Food Bank,
  75. Black Country Food Bank Brierly Hill
  76. Black Country Food Bank J10
  77. Black Country Food Bank, Community Zone Zion
  78. Black Country Food Bank, Take a Break
  79. Black Country Look Out Project Food Bank
  80. Black Country Replenish @ St John’s Food Bank
  81. Black Country The Rock Food Bank,
  82. Black Country The Thomas Project, Food Bank
  83. Black Country, New Hope Food Bank
  84. Black Country, Refresh Food Bank
  85. Black Country, Springs At Upper Gornal Food Bank
  86. Black Country, The Well Food Bank
  87. Blackburn Food Bank, Preston Christian Network
  88. Blackburn foodbank
  89. Blackpool Food Bank
  90. Blackwood & District foodbank
  91. Blaenau Gwent foodbank
  92. Bognor Regis foodbank
  93. Bolsover, Freedom Community Project
  94. Bolton Food Bank, The Well
  95. Bolton, Storehouse Food Bank
  96. Bootle Food Bank
  97. Borehamwood foodbank
  98. Boston foodbank
  99. Boston, Centrepoint Outreach
  100. Bourne foodbank
  101. Bournemouth Food Bank, the Vineyard
  102. Bournemouth foodbank
  103. Brackley Food Bank
  104. Bracknell foodbank
  105. Bradford foodbank
  106. Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank (1)
  107. Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank (2)
  108. Braintree Area foodbank
  109. Brecon foodbank
  110. Brent foodbank
  111. Brentwood foodbank
  112. Bridgend foodbank
  113. Bridgnorth Food Bank
  114. Bridgwater foodbank
  115. Bridlington, East Riding
  116. Bridlington, East Riding, Christchurch
  117. Bridlington, East Riding, Kingfisher Trust
  118. Brigg foodbank
  119. Brighton and Hove
  120. Brighton, Basics Bank City Mission Brighton
  121. Bristol
  122. Bristol
  123. Bristol NW foodbank
  124. Bristol, 5 Loaves 2 Fish Project
  125. Bristol, Citadel, Food Bank
  126. Brixton Norwoood Food Bank Brixton
  127. Brixton Seventh Day Adventist Church, Lewisham
  128. Bromley Borough foodbank
  129. Bromyard Food Bank
  130. Broxbourne foodbank
  131. Broxtowe Food Bank, St Martha’s Church
  132. Buckfastleigh foodbank
  133. Buckinghamshire, Into the Community MK
  134. Buckinghamshire, King’s Church in Amersham
  135. Buckinghamshire, Storehouse, Aylesbury Vineyard Church Food Bank
  136. Buckinghamshire, The Food Bank (2) MK
  137. Buckinghamshire, The Food Bank MK
  138. Buckinghamshire, Wendover Free Chuch Food Bank
  139. Buckinghamshire, Wycombe, One Can Trust Food Bank
  140. Bude foodbank
  141. Burdiehouse Food Bank Edinburgh
  142. Burgess Hill Food Bank
  143. Burngreave foodbank
  144. Burton, YMCA Food Bank,
  145. Buxton Nightstop United Reformed Church,
  146. Brixton Soup Kitchen
  147. Caernarfon foodbank
  148. Callington foodbank
  149. Camberley
  150. Cambourne, CPR Food Bank
  151. Cambridge
  152. Cambridge
  153. Cambridge City foodbank
  154. Camden foodbank
  155. Canaan Trust, Derby
  156. Cannock & District foodbank
  157. Cardiff foodbank
  158. Cardigan foodbank
  159. Carlisle Food Bank, Salvation Army
  160. Carmarthen foodbank
  161. Carmarthenshire, Towy Community Church Food Bank
  162. Carrickfergus foodbank
  163. Caterham foodbank
  164. Catshill & Marlbrook foodbank
  165. Causeway foodbank
  166. Central Liverpool foodbank
  167. Chalk Farm foodbank
  168. Cheadle and District foodbank
  169. Cheddar Valley foodbank
  170. Chelmsford foodbank
  171. Cheltenham foodbank
  172. Chepstow foodbank
  173. Chester & Ellesmere Port Food Bank
  174. Chesterfield foodbank
  175. Chesterfield Soup Kitchen Chesterfield Town Hall Steps
  176. Chesterfield Food Bank, Clay Cross
  177. Chesterfield Soup Kitchen, Zion Church
  178. Chesterfield, Loundsley Green Community Centre
  179. Chichester foodbank
  180. Chiltern foodbank
  181. Chipping Barnet foodbank
  182. Chiswick, Food Bank
  183. Chorley, Storehouse, Chorley Food Bank
  184. Chorlton & Didsbury foodbank
  185. Churches Together Food Bank, Falmouth & Penryn
  186. Churches Together, Ludlow & South Shropshire
  187. Churches Together, Penzance
  188. Cinderford, Forest of Dean Food Bank
  189. Cirencester foodbank
  190. Clacton foodbank
  191. Clacton-on-Sea
  192. Clapham Park foodbank
  193. Clay Cross foodbank
  194. Clevedon foodbank
  195. Clifton NG11 foodbank
  196. Clitheroe foodbank
  197. Clun Food Bank
  198. Clyde, Avon & Nethan foodbank
  199. Coalville foodbank
  200. Cobham Area foodbank
  201. Cockermouth, Cumbria
  202. Colchester foodbank
  203. Coleford, Forest of Dean Food Bank
  204. Coleraine Food Bank, The Vineyard
  205. Colindale foodbank
  206. Collier Row foodbank
  207. Congleton, Storehouse
  208. Cookstown, Food Bank
  209. Cookstown, Food Bank
  210. Corby foodbank
  211. Coventry Central foodbank
  212. Coventry, Jesus Centre Food Bank
  213. Craigavon Area foodbank
  214. Craven Arms Food Bank
  215. Cromer & District foodbank
  216. Crosby Area foodbank
  217. Crowborough foodbank
  218. Crowthorne foodbank
  219. Croydon foodbank
  220. Cumbria, Penrith Food Bank, Salvation Army
  221. Cupar foodbank
  222. Cymru
  223. Dacorum foodbank
  224. Dagenham foodbank
  225. Darlaston, All Saints Food Bank, Black Country
  226. Dartmouth & District Food Bank
  227. Daventry Food Bank, Vineyard Community Church
  228. Deal Area foodbank
  229. Deepings foodbank
  230. Denbigh foodbank
  231. Derby Refugee Centre
  232. Derby Soup Run
  233. Derby Storehouse – St Alkmund’s Church Kedleston Road, Derby
  234. Derby Storehouse Derby, The Vineyard
  235. Derby, Arena Church Food Bank
  236. Derby, Basics Bank
  237. Derby, Community Church
  238. Derby, Dove Project, Ormaston, Derby
  239. Derby, Jake’s – New Life Christian Centre Normanton Road, Derby
  240. Derby, NC Fusion
  241. Derby, Padley Centre, Derby
  242. Derby, People’s Kitchen, Derby
  243. Derby, Persian Cultural Association, Derby
  244. Derby, Prophet’s Pot, Derby
  245. Derby, Refugee Services & The British Red Cross, Derby
  246. Derby, Sunday Lunch – St Peter’s Church St. Peter’s Churchyard, Derby
  247. Derby, Systems House Padley Day Centre 3 Becket Street
  248. Derby, The Hope Centre Curzon Street
  249. Derbyshire “Advice”
  250. Dereham, Norfolk
  251. Devizes foodbank
  252. Devon, T4W Food Bank North Devon Homes
  253. Didcot Baptist Church Food Bank
  254. Doncaster foodbank
  255. Dorchester Community Church Food Bank
  256. Dorking
  257. Dover foodbank
  258. Driffield
  259. Droitwich Spa foodbank
  260. Droylsden and District foodbank
  261. Dumfries & Galloway (Machars), Basics Bank
  262. Dumfries, The First Base Agency
  263. Dundee
  264. Dundee foodbank
  265. Dundee, Ardler Food Bank,
  266. Dundee, Big Issue Drop In Club
  267. Dundee, Eagles Wings Trust
  268. Dundee, Gate Church International
  269. Dundee, Graham’s Soup Kitchen
  270. “Dundee, Parish Nursing Drop In
  271. Clinic”
  272. Dundee, Strathmore Lodge
  273. “Dundee, The Bridge Community
  274. Project”
  275. Dundee, The Drop-Inn
  276. Dundee, The Food Cupboard
  277. “Dundee, The Salvation Army Rd, Dundee DD1 1NG
  278. Drop In”
  279. Dundonald foodbank
  280. Dunfermline foodbank
  281. Dunstable foodbank
  282. Durham
  283. Durham Food Bank, The Vineyard
  284. Durham foodbank
  285. Ealing
  286. Ealing foodbank
  287. East Belfast
  288. East Bristol foodbank
  289. East Dunbartonshire foodbank
  290. East Elmbridge
  291. East Fife, Storehouse
  292. East Grinstead foodbank
  293. East Lancashire Food Bank, Accrington
  294. East Lancs Foodbank, Burnley Lancs
  295. East Lothian foodbank
  296. East Northants
  297. East Nottingham foodbank
  298. East Renfrewshire foodbank
  299. East Suffolk foodbank
  300. Eastbourne foodbank
  301. Eastern Valley foodbank
  302. Eastleigh Basics Bank
  303. Eaterhouse Food Bank, Glasgow, Salvation Army
  304. Eccles Food Bank
  305. Edinburgh & Lothians
  306. Edinburgh Central foodbank
  307. Edinburgh City Mission, Basics Bank
  308. Edinburgh NE foodbank
  309. Edinburgh NW foodbank
  310. Edinburgh SE foodbank
  311. Edinburgh SW foodbank
  312. Edinburgh, Basics Bank
  313. Edmonton foodbank
  314. Eilean Siar foodbank
  315. Ely foodbank
  316. Epsom and Ewell foodbank
  317. Erdington foodbank
  318. Esher, Claygate and Chessington
  319. Essington Food Bank, South Staffs
  320. Exeter foodbank
  321. Faithworks Wessex Food Bank, Bournemouth
  322. Falkirk foodbank
  323. “Falkirk, Worship & Community Centre, 1
  324. Woodside Court, Falkirk”
  325. Fallowfield and Withington foodbank
  326. Fareham, Basics Bank
  327. Farnborough foodbank
  328. Farnborough, the Larder
  329. Farnham foodbank
  330. Farnworth & Kearsley foodbank
  331. Father’s Kitchen (Baptist)
  332. FEED Vineyard Church
  333. Feltham, London
  334. Feltham, London Food Bank
  335. Fife
  336. Fife, Anstruther Food Bank
  337. Fife, Methil Toastie Clud
  338. Fife, Toastie Club
  339. Find, Ipswich
  340. Flintshire foodbank
  341. Folkstone foodbank
  342. Forefront, Chard Food Bank
  343. Forfar, Chapel St, Forfar, Angus
  344. Fosse foodbank
  345. Fylde foodbank
  346. Gallery – Place of Welcome
  347. Gateshead foodbank
  348. Gillingham foodbank
  349. Glasgow
  350. Glasgow NE foodbank
  351. Glasgow NW foodbank
  352. Glasgow SE foodbank
  353. Glasgow SW foodbank
  354. Glasgow, Basics Bank,
  355. Glasgow, Bridging the Gap
  356. “Glasgow, Central and West Integration
  357. Network”
  358. Glasgow, Chanan
  359. Glasgow, Club 170
  360. Glasgow, Crossroads YCA
  361. Glasgow, Destiny Church
  362. Glasgow, Destiny Church
  363. Glasgow, Emmaus
  364. Glasgow, Emmaus
  365. Glasgow, FARE
  366. Glasgow, Frederic Ozanam Centre
  367. “Glasgow, Govan and Craigton
  368. Integration Network”
  369. Glasgow, Greater Maryhill Foodbank
  370. “Glasgow, Greater Pollok Integration
  371. Network”
  372. Glasgow, Loaves and Fishes***
  373. Glasgow, Lodging House Mission
  374. Glasgow, Missionaries of Charity
  375. Glasgow, New Life Church
  376. Glasgow, Partick South Parish Church
  377. Glasgow, Positive Action in Housing
  378. Glasgow, Preshal Trust
  379. Glasgow, Queen’s Park Baptist Church
  380. Glasgow, Rokpa Trust
  381. Glasgow, Salt and Light Bus
  382. Glasgow, Sharpe Memorial Church
  383. Glasgow, St Columba’s Church
  384. Glasgow, Storehouse, Glasgow Est End Food Bank, The Vineyard
  385. Glasgow, The Humanist Society
  386. Glasgow, The Marie Trust
  387. Glasgow, Unity in the Community
  388. “Glasgow, Whiteinch Church of
  389. Scotland”
  390. Gleadless Valley foodbank
  391. Glenrothes foodbank
  392. Glenrothes Gravy Train
  393. Glenrothes YMCA
  394. Glossop, Adult Community Education Service Gamesley Childrens Centre,
  395. Glossop, Bare Necessities Foodbank
  396. Glossop, Waterfall, The Vineyard, Charlestown Road, Glossop
  397. Gloucester foodbank
  398. Gloucester Street Food Bank, West Midlands
  399. Godalming, Surrey, St Mark’s Chruch
  400. Godmanchester foodbank
  401. Goole, Mission Trinity
  402. Gosport, Basics Bank,
  403. Grantham foodbank
  404. Gravesham foodbank
  405. Great Barr foodbank
  406. Greenwich
  407. Greenwich foodbank
  408. Grimsby, The Daily Bread Food Larder,
  409. Guildford
  410. Guildford Food Bank & Drop in Centre
  411. Guisborough, Foodstop The Bridge
  412. Hackney © Teen Challenge
  413. Hackney foodbank
  414. Hackney, TAB Centre
  415. Hailsham foodbank
  416. Halesowen, Storehouse Food Bank
  417. Hambleton, Yorkshire – FareShare
  418. Hamilton District foodbank
  419. Hammersmith and Fulham foodbank
  420. Handsworth foodbank
  421. Haringey
  422. Haringey foodbank
  423. Harlow foodbank
  424. Harold Hill foodbank
  425. Harrogate District foodbank
  426. Harrow foodbank
  427. Hart foodbank
  428. Hartlepool foodbank
  429. Hastings foodbank
  430. Haverhill foodbank
  431. Haywards Heath foodbank
  432. Helston and Lizard foodbank
  433. Henley in Arden foodbank
  434. Highbridge Area foodbank
  435. Highland foodbank – Badenoch & Strathspey
  436. Highland foodbank – South Skye and Lochalsh
  437. Highland foodbank – Thurso
  438. Hillingdon foodbank
  439. Hinckley foodbank
  440. Holderness foodbank
  441. Holmewood, Living Hope at the Abundant Life Church Tibshelf Rd
  442. Hook, Hampshire
  443. Horely, Surrey St. Bartholomew’s Church
  444. Horsham foodbank
  445. Hounslow Food Box
  446. Hounslow, Holy Trinity Church “Olive Branch Drop In Centre”
  447. Hounslow, West, London – St Paul’s Church
  448. Huddersfield The Welcome Centre,
  449. Hull
  450. Hull foodbank
  451. ighthouse Chapel International
  452. Inverclyde foodbank
  453. Island of Ireland
  454. Isle of Wight foodbank
  455. Islington
  456. Islington © Drovers Day Centre
  457. Islington © St John, Th Evangelist
  458. Islington © St Mary Magdalen
  459. Islington © The Manna Project
  460. Islington Food Bank, Aztec Row
  461. Islington foodbank
  462. Ivybridge foodbank
  463. Jane’s Kitchen, New Life Christian Centre
  464. Keighly
  465. Kendal, King’s Food Bank
  466. Kenilworth foodbank
  467. Kensington and Chelsea foodbank
  468. Kent, Whitstable Food Bank
  469. Keynsham foodbank
  470. Kidderminster foodbank
  471. Killamarsh, New Hope Community Church Killamarsh Unit 3, Rotherham Close, Norwood Industrial Estate
  472. Kingfisher foodbank
  473. King’s Church Food Bank, Stockton on Tees
  474. King’s Lynn foodbank
  475. Kingston foodbank
  476. Kirkcaldy Gravy Tain
  477. Kirkton  Food Bank, Dundee
  478. Knottingley foodbank
  479. Knowsley foodbank
  480. Ladywood Food Bank
  481. Lakenheath foodbank
  482. Laleham, County Surrey
  483. Lambeth © Bondway Night Shelter,
  484. Lambeth © Cardinal Hume Centre
  485. Lambeth © First Steps
  486. Lambeth © Khaniqahi Nimatallahi
  487. Lambeth © Penge Run
  488. Lambeth © Streetlytes
  489. Lambeth, Good Samaria Network
  490. Lambeth, Simon Community,
  491. Lancashire, RAFT Foundation Foodbank Rossendale Lancs
  492. Lancing & Sompton Basics Bank
  493. Larne foodbank
  494. Launceston foodbank
  495. Ledbury Food Bank
  496. Leeds
  497. Leeds (East)
  498. Leeds (North) foodbank
  499. Leeds (West) foodbank
  500. Leeds South
  501. Leek & District foodbank
  502. Leicester
  503. Leicestershire The Bridge, North Leicestershire
  504. Leominster
  505. Letchworth Food Bank, Hitchin
  506. Letchworth foodbank
  507. Levenmouth foodbank
  508. Lewes. East Sussex Food Bank
  509. Lewisham Food Bank, The Tabernacle
  510. Lewisham foodbank
  511. Lewisham, Living Waters Christian Centre
  512. Lewisham, New Cross Food Bank, London
  513. Lewisham, New Cross Food Bank, London
  514. Lewisham, New Cross Food Bank, London
  515. Lewisham, New Cross Food Bank, London
  516. Lewisham, New Cross Food Bank, London
  517. Lewisham, We Care,
  518. Lichfield foodbank
  519. Lincoln foodbank
  520. Lisburn foodbank
  521. Liskeard & Looe foodbank
  522. Littlehampton foodbank
  523. Liverpool
  524. Liverpool Cathredral Food Bank
  525. Llandrindod foodbank
  526. Llanelli Food Bank
  527. Llanelli foodbank
  528. Llanelli Lifeshare Food Bank
  529. Lochaber foodbank
  530. London
  531. London Park Royal
  532. London School of Economics
  533. London, Bloomsbury
  534. London, Bow Centre
  535. London, Camden Food Bank, St Pancras Church
  536. London, Living Waters Christian Centre
  537. London, Mobile Food Store
  538. Long Eaton & Sawley foodbank
  539. Long Eaton, Christ Church,
  540. Loughton foodbank
  541. Ludlow Food Bank
  542. Lutterworth and Villages foodbank
  543. Lymington, Basics Bank, (Reformed Church)
  544. Lyndley, Forest of Dean Food Bank
  545. Maghull & District foodbank
  546. Malling, East Sussex Food Bank
  547. Malvern Hills foodbank
  548. Manchester
  549. Manchester
  550. Manchester Central foodbank
  551. Manchester Porch Boxes, Radcliffe
  552. Manchester South Central foodbank
  553. Manchester,  North West (Manchester)
  554. Manchester, Compassion Foodbank, Moss Side, Manchester
  555. Mansfield, Living
  556. Market Drayton foodbank
  557. Maryport, Cumbria
  558. Matlock Food Bank, Derbyshire
  559. Medway foodbank
  560. Melksham Food Bank
  561. Merseyside
  562. Merstham, Surrey
  563. Merstham, Surrey (free meals)
  564. High Wycombe
  565. Marlow
  566. Beaconsfield
  567. Merthyr Cynon
  568. Mid Cheshire foodbank
  569. Mid Norfolk foodbank
  570. Middlesbrough foodbank
  571. Middlewich & District foodbank
  572. Reading, CIRDIC “Churches in Reading Drop In Centre”
  573. Seven Oaks “Loaves & Fishes”
  574. Midlothian foodbank
  575. Milford Haven Patch
  576. Milnthorpe Area Food bank
  577. Monmouth and District foodbank
  578. Moray foodbank
  579. Morecambe Bay foodbank
  580. Nantwich foodbank
  581. Neath foodbank
  582. Necastle West Food Bank, Church of the Venerable
  583. New Forest, Basics Bank
  584. New Life Church Whitehaven
  585. Newark foodbank
  586. Newcastle (Staffs) foodbank
  587. Newcastle Children’s Society Food Bank, Brunswick Methodist Church
  588. Newcastle East foodbank
  589. Newcastle East Foodbank, Elim Pentecostal Church
  590. Newcastle Food Bank, The Vineyard
  591. Newcastle West End foodbank
  592. Newcastle, Walking With Food Bank, Wallsend
  593. Newham foodbank
  594. Newmarket Open Door Food Bank
  595. Newport (Shropshire) foodbank
  596. Newport foodbank
  597. Newry foodbank
  598. NewStarts, Bromsgrove
  599. Newton, West Midlands, Food Bank
  600. Newtonbreda Baptist Church Food Bank, Belfast
  601. Newtownards foodbank
  602. North Ayrshire foodbank
  603. North Belfast foodbank
  604. North Bristol foodbank
  605. North Cotswold foodbank
  606. North East (Newcastle)
  607. North Enfield foodbank
  608. North Lakes foodbank
  609. North Lanarkshire, Basics Food Bank
  610. North Liverpool foodbank
  611. North Wales
  612. Northampton Central foodbank
  613. Northampton, Food Bank
  614. Northern Devon foodbank
  615. Norwich
  616. Norwich
  617. Norwich foodbank
  618. Norwood & Brixton foodbank
  619. Nottingham Food Bank
  620. Nottingham Food Bank
  621. Nottingham, Basics Bank
  622. Nottingham, Bridgeway Hall Methodist Church The Precinct Bridgeway Centre
  623. Nottingham, Grangewood Methodist Church, West
  624. Nottingham, Main St Methodist Church
  625. Nottingham, Methodist Church,
  626. Nottingham, NG7 Foodbank Park House
  627. Nottingham, Sneinton
  628. Nottingham, St Annes & Sneinton Food Store
  629. Nottingham, Wollaton Food Bank, West Nottignham
  630. Nuneaton foodbank
  631. Okehampton Foodbank Baptist Church Okehampton Devon
  632. Oldham Food Bank, Elim Church
  633. Oldham foodbank
  634. Orkney foodbank
  635. Ormskirk foodbank
  636. Osmaston Road Baptist Church
  637. Oswestry and borders foodbank
  638. Oxford
  639. Oxford Food Bank
  640. Oxford Gatehouse Food Bank
  641. Oxfordshire North  Community Food Bank
  642. Oxfordshire West Food Bank
  643. Oxfordshire, Abingdon Emergency Food Bank
  644. Oxfordshire, BYHP Food Bank
  645. Oxon, Community Emergency Foodbank Woodstock Oxon
  646. Peeblesshire foodbank
  647. Pembroke, Basics Bank, Monkton,
  648. Pembrokeshire foodbank
  649. Pembrokeshire, Basics Bank, Haverfordwest
  650. Penryn & Falmouth foodbank
  651. Perth and Kinross foodbank
  652. Peterborough foodbank
  653. Peterborough, Vinnie’s Food Bank
  654. Pilsey, Bridge Street Methodist Church
  655. Placemark 201
  656. Plymouth foodbank
  657. Pontefract foodbank
  658. Pontyclun foodbank
  659. Pontypridd foodbank
  660. Poole Food Bank
  661. Portsmouth
  662. Portsmouth
  663. Portsmouth foodbank
  664. Portsmouth Paulsgrove Food Bank
  665. Portsmouth, Landport Food Bank, The Salvation Army
  666. Portsmouth, North End Family Church Food Bank, Portsmouth
  667. Potters Bar foodbank
  668. Preston & South Ribble Food Bank
  669. Preston Community Food Bank
  670. Preston Salvation Army Food Bank
  671. Purbeck
  672. PXI Mount Tabor
  673. Quinton and Oldbury foodbank
  674. Rainham foodbank
  675. Ramesy and District foodbank
  676. Reading, Readifood
  677. Redbridge foodbank
  678. Redcar Area foodbank
  679. Redditch foodbank
  680. Redhill, Surrey
  681. Redhill, Surrey Food Bank, St Matthew’s Church
  682. Reigate, Surrey St Mary’s Church Hall
  683. Reigate, Surrey, Food Bank “Love Works”
  684. Renfrewshire foodbank
  685. Rhondda foodbank
  686. Rhyl, Storehouse Food Bank
  687. Rhyl, Wellspring Centre
  688. Rhymney Valley foodbank
  689. Richmond foodbank
  690. Richmond, North Yorkshire
  691. Rickmansworth foodbank
  692. Ringwood foodbank
  693. Risca foodbank
  694. Rochdale foodbank
  695. Ross-on-Wye Food Bank
  696. Rotherham foodbank
  697. Royston foodbank
  698. Rugby foodbank
  699. Rugeley foodbank
  700. Runcorn foodbank
  701. Runnymead
  702. Runnymede
  703. Runnymede foodbank
  704. Rutherglen & Cambuslang foodbank
  705. Rutland foodbank
  706. Ryedale
  707. Ryedale foodbank
  708. Saffron Walden
  709. Salford Central foodbank
  710. Salisbury
  711. Salisbury foodbank
  712. Saltash foodbank
  713. Sandwell Food Bank, Breaking Bread
  714. Scunthorpe foodbank
  715. Selby foodbank
  716. Sheffield
  717. Sheffield , St Bartholomew’s Church
  718. Sheffield S6 foodbank
  719. Sherwood Forest foodbank
  720. Shildon Alive Food Bank
  721. Shoreham foodbank
  722. Shrewsbury, Basics Bank
  723. Shrewsbury, Church Stretton Food Bank
  724. Skelmersdale foodbank
  725. Skegness, Storehouse – Larder
  726. Sleaford New Life Community Larder
  727. Slough foodbank
  728. Smethwick foodbank
  729. Somer Valley foodbank
  730. South & West Lancashire Food Bank
  731. South Ayrshire foodbank
  732. South Derbyshire CVS
  733. South Liverpool foodbank
  734. South Norfolk
  735. South Normanton area foodbank
  736. South Sefton foodbank
  737. South Shields, Living Waters Church Foodbank
  738. South West (Bristol)
  739. Southampton, Basics Food Bank
  740. Southchurch foodbank
  741. Southend, Southchurch, Southend on Sea
  742. Southport foodbank
  743. Southport, Shoreline Church Food Bank
  744. Southsea Food Bank, The Salvation Army, Portsmouth
  745. Southwark Day Centre
  746. Southwark foodbank
  747. Spalding “Agape Care Food Bank”
  748. Sparkhill foodbank
  749. St Albans and District foodbank
  750. St Albans Food Bank, Vineyard
  751. St Anne’s Church Aberystywth
  752. St Augustine Food Bank, Tunbridge Wells
  753. St Austell
  754. St Austell foodbank
  755. St Barnabas Community Food Bank, Shrewsbury
  756. St Catherine’s Food Bank, Wakefield
  757. St Columb’s Church, Darlington
  758. St Edmonds Church of the Living Well Food Bank, Dartford
  759. St Helens foodbank
  760. St Jude’s, Kettering, North Hants
  761. St Leonards Church, London
  762. St Mary’s  Food Bank, Dundee
  763. St Mary’s Church, Cockerton, Darlington
  764. St Neots foodbank
  765. St Philip Food Bank, Tunbridge Wells
  766. St Philip’s Church Nottingham
  767. St. Mary’s Foodbank Denton Manchester
  768. Staines, County Surrey
  769. Stalybridge Food Bank, Holy Trinity, St Johns
  770. Stamford foodbank
  771. Stapleford Food Bank, Nottinghamshire
  772. Stevenage Food Bank
  773. Stechford foodbank
  774. Stirling, “Start Up Stirling”
  775. Stirling, 19 Drip Rd, Stirling
  776. Stockport Food Bank, Chelwood Baptist Church
  777. Stockport foodbank
  778. Stockton, A Way Out Food Plus (delivery to homes)
  779. Stockton, A Way Out Food Plus (delivery to homes)
  780. Stockton, A Way Out Food Plus (delivery to homes)
  781. Stockton, A Way Out Food Plus (delivery to homes)
  782. Stockton, A Way Out Food Plus (delivery to homes)
  783. Stoke On Trent, When Food Bank
  784. Stoke-on-Trent foodbank
  785. Stopsley Baptist Church
  786. Stour Valley Food Bank, Sudbury
  787. Stowmarket, Forge Community Church
  788. Strabane foodbank
  789. Strabane foodbank
  790. Stratford-Upon-Avon foodbank
  791. Stretford foodbank
  792. Stroud District foodbank
  793. Sunderland foodbank
  794. Surrey Heath Food Bank
  795. Surrey, Casserole Club (Reigate & Banstead)
  796. Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Food Bank
  797. Sutton foodbank
  798. Swaffham, Norfolk
  799. Swanley and District foodbank
  800. Swansea foodbank
  801. Swindon foodbank
  802. Tameside East foodbank
  803. Tameside South & Longdendale foodbank
  804. Tamworth foodbank
  805. Taunton
  806. Taunton foodbank
  807. Tavistock foodbank
  808. Telford Food Bank
  809. Tenbury Wells Food Bank
  810. Tewkesbury foodbank
  811. Thanet Food Bank
  812. The Dukeries & District foodbank
  813. The English Riviera foodbank
  814. The Forest foodbank
  815. The Highland foodbank
  816. The King’s Church, Darlington
  817. The Wirral
  818. Thetford foodbank
  819. Thornliebank, East Renfrewshire
  820. Thurrock
  821. Thurrock foodbank
  822. Torridge North Devon Food Bank
  823. Torridge, Holsworthy Food Bank
  824. Torridge, Torrington Food Bank
  825. Totton, Basics Bank, Testwood Baptist Church
  826. Towcester foodbank
  827. Tower Hamlets Food Bank, Bethnal Green Mission Church
  828. Tower Hamlets Food Bank, Salvation Army Poplar
  829. Tower Hamlets foodbank
  830. Trafford Methodist Church Food Bank, Stockport Road
  831. Trafford South foodbank
  832. Trowbridge, Storehouse Food Bank, Trowbridge, The Vineyard
  833. Truro foodbank
  834. Tunbridge Wells Nourish Community
  835. Tunbridge Wells, YMCA Food Bank,
  836. Tuxford Area foodbank
  837. Tyneside, Storehouse, Tyneside, The Vineyard
  838. Tyneside, The Bay Foodbank Whitley Bay
  839. Uckfield foodbank
  840. Uttlesford foodbank
  841. Vale foodbank
  842. Vauxhall foodbank
  843. Wadebridge foodbank
  844. Walsall North foodbank
  845. Walton & Hersham foodbank
  846. Walton & Hersham foodbank
  847. Wandsworth
  848. Wandsworth foodbank
  849. Warminster foodbank
  850. Warrington foodbank
  851. Warrington, YMCA Food Bank
  852. Warwick & Leamington
  853. Waterloo foodbank
  854. Waterside foodbank
  855. Watford foodbank
  856. Waveney foodbank
  857. Wellingborough, Food Bank
  858. Welshpool & District foodbank
  859. Welwyn Hatfield foodbank
  860. West Berks foodbank
  861. West Cheshire foodbank
  862. West Lothian foodbank
  863. West Nottingham foodbank
  864. Westminster foodbank
  865. Westmorland, Upper Eden Food Bank Appelby,
  866. Weston-super-Mare foodbank
  867. West Lothian, Fauldhouse
  868. West Lothian, Market Place, Whitburn
  869. West Lothian, Inveralmond Food Bank
  870. West Lothian, Broxburn,
  871. Whitchurch foodbank
  872. Whitechapel Mission
  873. Whitehaven Food Bank, Cumbria
  874. Widnes foodbank
  875. Wigan Food Bank
  876. Wigan The Brickless Home Project Food Bank
  877. Wigton Cumbria
  878. Wigtownshire foodbank
  879. Wiltshire, Storehouse Food Bank, West Wilts, The Vineyard
  880. Wimbledon foodbank
  881. Winchester, Basics Bank
  882. Windermere & District foodbank
  883. Wirral foodbank
  884. Wisbech foodbank
  885. Wishaw, Basics Food Bank  Baptist Church
  886. Whitby Food Bank
  887. Witney
  888. Woking
  889. Woking
  890. Woking foodbank
  891. Woking Community Action Fund
  892. Wokingham Food Bank, Crowthorne, The Vineyard
  893. Wokingham foodbank
  894. Wolverhampton, Adventist Food Pantry
  895. Wolverhampton, Community Helping Hands Projeca
  896. Wolverhampton, Gloucester Street Community Centre
  897. Wolverhampton, Kirpa Food Bank
  898. Wolverhampton, New Testament Church of God
  899. Wolverhampton, Oasis Soup Kitchen
  900. Wolverhampton, St George’s Hub Day Centre
  901. Wolverhampton, Tabernacle Baptist Chruch
  902. Wolverhampton, The Good Shepherd
  903. Wolverhampton, The Goodie Club
  904. Wolverhampton, The Well
  905. Worcester foodbank
  906. Workington Food Bank, North Lakes
  907. Worthing foodbank
  908. Wrexham foodbank
  909. Yate & Chipping Sodbury foodbank
  910. Yeovil Food Bank
  911. York
  912. York foodbank
  913. Yorkshire (Barnsley)
  914. Yorkshire District Food Bank, Salvation Army
  915. Yorkshire District Food Bank, Salvation Army

For the complete list of Food Banks and Contact Information



Where are the Food Banks? Food Bank Locations in UK #FoodBank — 22 Comments

  1. Please could you let me know where the nearest foo bank is to where i live….Cynon Valley South Wales….Cf45 4HH.
    Thanks very much

    • Hello Mike

      Many thanks for visiting my site.

      I have done a quick search and there is a food bank has been set up to help feed Cynon Valley.

      I would suggest that you try this number for more information: 07427 537437 or try this email: info@merthyrcynon.foodbank.org.uk

      Good luck! If you are interested in writing your experience regarding this, I would be happy to post it on my blog – anonymous if you wish.

      Kind regards

  2. If been looking for the on line application form to get food for 3dayz now am really hungry could u give me the link or name of the site thank u so much sooner the beter

    • Hi

      I think the best thing that you can do for now is to contact your local food bank and explain your situation to them. I am sure that they will assist you in whatever is required. Please do let me know how you got on.

      I will do a search for the application form that is required.

    • I have just had a chat with a food bank about how the process works. In order to qualify to receive food you need to be referred to the food bank. Main food bank referrers are, CAB, Women’s Refuge and Doctors, these organisations will issue you with a voucher for food. There are other organisations that can also give out food vouchers. The best thing to do is contact your local food bank and they will guide you through the process of obtaining a food voucher.

  3. Thanks to Davina for this message: Basics food bank as well as operating in Wishaw also operate from Motherwell, Maranatha Centre, Glencairn Street and also Airdrie, Pilgrim Community Church, Cairnhill Road

  4. Hi, I have tried numerous times to contact the mobile and landline no of the food bank at risca salvation army to see how yo get much appreciated food theyv never answered 🙁 if heard u need a voucher I have asked my Doc’s but they don’t have such vouchers and I asked if they could write a note as I explained my situation! But said they couldn’t. I really don’t know how to obtain s voucher and I have a 22mth Old and I’m pregnant but not eating so my daughter can eat the odd thing we have left. I’m really stuck! O know there’s one in Blackwood too but still could anyone tell me how to get a voucher pls? Where from? Do churches do them?? Any help would b great thanks.

    • Hello Louise

      Many thanks for your comment. I have just done a search for a food bank in your area and have got the following result:

      For enquiries please contact us at:

      Tel: 07599973312

      Tel: 01633 613794

      E: info@risca.foodbank.org.uk

      Please do let me know how you get on.

      Good luck


      • Many Thanks but both numbers no one answers and their mailboxes are full! My partner just obtained a food bank voucher (We think and hope!!!) They stamped it…. its for Bellyfull at the Tab life Centre – Pontllanfraith. and again we have no idea what days/ times they are open and no one answers the phone numbers given….. really do not know what to do now as things are even more desperate than the other day!

        I appreciate your time and help with this but feel like im banging my head against a wall…. I dont have transport and would have to walk miles just to see if theyre open! And if the risca one is will they accept the bellyfull voucher? Too many questions i need to ask but kno one is contactable. Soooo frustrated!

        Many Thanks

        Louise, Dave and baby Ava.

        • Hello Louise

          I have listed the opening times below.

          I think it is a bloody poor show that you are not able to get through on the telephone lines. I too have rung the number and just get the message to say that the voice-mail is full!! Maybe if you are actually able to turn up and tell them that you are not leaving till you get some food.

          Another suggestion maybe to ring as many different authorities as you can, at least till someone is able to assist you, perhaps event the police (but not 999)? You could even contact your local paper, as they may be interested in a story like this, and may also be able to help?

          Risca Food Bank We are open:

          Monday: 10am – 12pm

          Wednesday: 10am – 12pm

          Friday: 10am – 12pm

          Find us at:
          Salvation Army
          66A Commercial Street
          NP11 6BA

          For enquiries please contact us at:

          Tel: 07599973312

          Tel: 01633 613794

          E: info@risca.foodbank.org.uk

        • Just had the following on my Twitter account:
          TrussellTrust 2:01pm via Twitter Web Client

          @JohnnyDebt Hi Johnny, thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it now and will update you as soon as possible

  5. Hi,
    I know that CABs usually hold vouchers, in Risca, there’s a drop in which is part of Caerphilly CAB tel 08444 772020. Open 10 – 1 Mon, Weds & Thurs but best to call first. Their main office will be open outside these hours though I’m sure.
    Housing Associations also usually have vouchers, if you are a tenant of one of them, give them a call & they should be able to help.
    If not, definitely try CAB
    Hope that helps

  6. where are the nearest food bank to me i live in bilston near wolvehampton could you please give me there adress and telephone number

  7. Hi I live in Bridlington I am disabled have limited mobility I had my e.s.a stopped over 4 weeks ago as I was classed as fit for work at my medical , I have severe leg ulcers and a big ulcer on my foot I have had these for 11 years my partner and I are really struggling our cupboards etc are practically empty and I have 2 children my partner is so depressed he has stopped going out and I can hardly walk so am stuck at home every day I need some food badly its awful hearing your children saying they’re hungry.

      • Hi I collected a food voucher from cab yesterday. Apparently there is a food bank at late night pharmacy bridlington but when I texted the mobile number provided online yesterday enquiring where it was they replied giving me the address followed by the words no food. I don’t know if they were saying that because it wasn’t open yesterday I am panicking now as we are not able to get to food banks out of bridlington

        • Hello Emma

          I would suggest that you call the pharmacy today and see whether or not they are giving out food. This message may have been just to put people off who do not have a voucher.

          I would also suggest that you contact your local church, as they will certainly have dealt with this issue before. It would also be worth you contacting the CAB again and asking them to sort a solution out for you.

          Hope your problem is resolved shortly!

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