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Wonga False Collection Letter — 3 Comments

  1. This is an email that I received:

    Hi John,

    Remember I contacted you earlier this month, in regard to a WONGA scam using your address on their envelopes?

    Two weeks after first complaining to them, WONGA have finally admitted I do not owe them anything. They took almost £600 out my account after I’d rec’d 4 of the letters I sent you. It was only when I threatened them with legal action they got their fingers out and investigated properly.

    Anyway, got all my money back from the bank, so only WONGA is out of pocket (as the bank will get it off them).

    So….some good has come out of it!

    Feel free to publish any or all my correspondence in your website.
    Anyone receiving similar scams can contact WONGA via their fraud hotline which is 0800-316-6745. That way you can bypass all the “all our agents are busy now…..”, b/s, and speak to someone who will actually do something.

  2. I have received two of the first letter in this article. Two separate accounts with two separate reference numbers.

    I rang the company and got given a number for the fraud departments that turned out to be wrong and rang out.

    Any advice from past experience?!

    • Hello and thanks for visiting my site.

      You might want to get in touch with @aloadofWonga on Twitter:

      “I am a ‘Wonga’ fraud victim. Wonga credit checked me and paid the criminal. Please follow if you are a victim or interested in helping collect Wonga FRAUD data”

      He also has a website and that can be found via his Twitter account.

      Let me know how you get on?


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