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N244 Application Notice
N245 Application for Suspension or Variation
N9A Specified Amount Response
Consumer Credit Act
Dealing with Creditors
Hire Purchase and Debt
Struggling with Council Tax Tips
Form EX160 Apply for Fee Remission
Complaint Against Bailiff
Guidance to the Mortgage Repossessions
Business Debts

If you require any other documents or information, then please drop me a line.

Court Forms to Download

If you are using any of the court documents listed above, then please check that you have the most up-to-date version. Also, don’t forget, if you are going to tackle doing your own debt solution(S) then do get as much advice as possible!

Debt Advice Handbook Recommendation

The Debt Advice Handbook is a very useful and factual debt advice book! Reading the sections that are relevant to your situation will give you an insight as to what creditors will do next. Reading and absorbing the information will also help you to get the best and timely solution for your debt problem.

What are the Best Books to Help Me With Debt?

There are a number of books that I consider excellent for helping you to get out of debt. Two of the books are rather technical, but will show you what can be done to prevent further creditor action! The other books are there to assist you if you are just wanting to reduce your debt.

If You are Facing Eviction or Repossession

If you are being threatened with Eviction or Repossession, then you may find the Defending Possession Proceedings book of use. OK, I will admit that it is very technical, but you should find it helpful if you are trying to defend an eviction or repossession.

Just Buying a Book on Debt Will Not Solve Your Debt Problems

If you just go ahead and buy the book, they will not solve your debt problems. But, if you buy them and proactively act upon the information that you glean from the book, then you stand a damn good chance of winning. Remember, from now on, every letter you get from a creditor, you should act upon it immediately!

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Debt Advice Handbook To understand the law relating to Debt, this is a must have book! It contains the essential information needed by advisers dealing with debt problems.
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Defending Possession Proceedings: is the key ‘homelessness prevention’ handbook
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How to Get Out of Debt is an eight-stage strategy that enables readers to pay off debt and fix their finances for good. This book has it all covered.
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How to Live for Free - I have done a full review on the book here: How to Live for Free
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The Money Diet - revised and updated: The ultimate guide to shedding pounds off your bills and saving money on everything!
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Bankruptcy, Insolvency an the Law is a concise guide to the processes underpinning bankruptcy and personal insolvency.
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