Notice of Eviction – Is This Fraud?

Notice of EvictionEviction Notice

Early on Monday morning I found a text on my phone, asking for help with an eviction about to take place in a matter of hours. Good job I am an early riser!!

So the time is about 0700 and the text says, “Bailiffs in today at 0800, Bank will accept £1700 to stop eviction.” OK, so not very much time to stop the eviction? Then I think to myself, why do people leave it so long to take action?


Of course with eviction, form N244 was the first thing that came to mind. So I fired over a copy of the blank N244 and also a couple of sample copies that I have. I instructed the person that was about to be evicted what to do with the forms. I also suggested that when the Court Bailiffs Office opens, they inform them that the form N244 will be submitted for an emergency hearing.

Also due to the early hour of the eviction I did suggest that they use every tactic at hand to delay the process, in order for the emergency hearing to take place first. I have in the past suggested that the large family dog remain on the premises and encourage to bark loudly behind the front door! I understand the for health and safety reasons this does delay an eviction, sometime by as much as 14 days.

I did also ask them to send me a copy of the Eviction Notice, so that I could see all the details for myself.

Fake Notice of Eviction?

When I actually saw a copy of the eviction notice alarm bells began to ring! Now it did look like an eviction notice, but there was not court seal or stamp.

I then suggest that they call the courts and find out if the Claim Number and Warrant was issued by the Bow County Court? Well what a surprise, the courts actually had no knowledge of the Notice of Eviction!!

Criminal Lawyer

I showed this to a criminal lawyer and this is what they had to say, “…if that’s the case, that’s an attempt to pervert the course of justice and should be reported to the police.”

Eviction Stopped

Well it was never going to happen, so I can not take any credit for getting it stopped. All that I really managed to do was show that some companies will go to any length to get money!



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  1. Please can I have anumber or something where I can conact someone to get help with my eviction which is in the morning. I’ve heard nothing back from my earlier mail. Thanks

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