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Fight the Ordeal of Debt Collection Harassment — 3 Comments

  1. Been following you for a while now on twitter and just read your article on debt collectors and how they are supposed to follow certain “rules and laws”…..I have been wrongly pursued by a company who lied to court about my identity..I have went to the police who although it is a civil matter were able to clear my name in 30 min…the debt collection company ignored the police and I have so far spent a total of just over £2500 clearing my name in court where the case was dismissed but as it was a small claims court the company are saying they won’t pay costs even though they were clearly and always in the wrong….costs have to be decided by another hearing in October. ..I have tried to inform the SRA and omnibus man but they are both saying it’s not under their remit….how can debt collectors be prosecuted for lying and harassment….although I’m in scotland they took me to English small claims court…currently have both a Scottish solicitor and an English solicitor…..just needing help would love to name and shame them too. ……thank you

    • Hello Russell

      Many thanks for visiting my site and also following me on Twitter.

      If you are already receiving legal advice, I am not really sure what other advice I can give you.

      However, if you would like, I would be perfectly happy to feature your story on my blog. When writing your story, you can if you wish be anonymous until the court actions etc. have been concluded.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


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