Fight the Ordeal of Debt Collection Harassment

Are you in debt? Well, a ‘yes’ as an answer to this question brings into scene the imminent problem of debt collection harassment. If you fail to pay back in time, collection calls are bound to follow. What tends to be troublesome in this particular scenario is the means taken up by the debt collectors in pursuit of recovering the debt from the borrower. In most cases, the means tend to be illegal and abusive, which tends to make the borrower turn away from facing the situation.

However, you need to keep in mind that avoiding the situation is no escape route to the problem. In fact, the solution lies in facing the situation upfront and dealing with the collectors and the collection calls. In a bid to empower the rights of the borrower, the USA government has enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which restricts several collection practices of debt.  The act has been introduced with the aim of ensuring a fair trial of the collection and loan recovery proceedings alongside controlling the actions of the debt collectors.

Under this particular act, the debt collector is prohibited from taking up the following means during the collection practice –

  • The collector cannot use any illegal means like threatening the debtor, voicing abusive language, or throwing expletives towards the debtor.
  • The debt collector must never call you before 8 a.m in the morning or after 9 p.m in the evening. He must not also call you at work, without prior consent.
  • The collector should never represent himself or any information wrongly to the borrower. He must also not also misrepresent any information regarding the collection agency.
  • The debt collector is not allowed to reveal any information regarding the debt or the debtor to the third part, without seeking prior permission from the borrower.

Knowing your Rights

When it comes to collection harassment, every debtor must know his or her rights and the right way of dealing with such harassment. You must always inquire about the amount that is owed by you to the particular agency alongside the name of the creditor or the credit agency. Additionally, you must also make sure that all these information is communicated to you within maximum five days of the first communication regarding the debt.
If you might think of not owing anything to the creditor then, it falls within your duty to take actions quickly. All you need to do is send a letter to the particular collection agency within maximum one month from the first communication. If you are found to be right then, the collection must stop harassment of all sorts; otherwise, the agency is required to send a notice declaring the debt amount.

The Federal Trade Commission or the FTC stands as your complaint board, if in any case you tend to feel intimidated by collection harassment.

Author’s Bio – This article is contributed by Jonathan featuring a strong inclination towards writing debt related articles with the aim of inducing some positivity in life. Here, he discusses about collection harassment and the way you can deal with such harassments.



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  1. Been following you for a while now on twitter and just read your article on debt collectors and how they are supposed to follow certain “rules and laws”…..I have been wrongly pursued by a company who lied to court about my identity..I have went to the police who although it is a civil matter were able to clear my name in 30 min…the debt collection company ignored the police and I have so far spent a total of just over £2500 clearing my name in court where the case was dismissed but as it was a small claims court the company are saying they won’t pay costs even though they were clearly and always in the wrong….costs have to be decided by another hearing in October. ..I have tried to inform the SRA and omnibus man but they are both saying it’s not under their remit….how can debt collectors be prosecuted for lying and harassment….although I’m in scotland they took me to English small claims court…currently have both a Scottish solicitor and an English solicitor…..just needing help would love to name and shame them too. ……thank you

    • Hello Russell

      Many thanks for visiting my site and also following me on Twitter.

      If you are already receiving legal advice, I am not really sure what other advice I can give you.

      However, if you would like, I would be perfectly happy to feature your story on my blog. When writing your story, you can if you wish be anonymous until the court actions etc. have been concluded.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


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