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Health Insurance RewardsFor most households health and life insurance is a necessary policy that remains untouched until times of need. However it is a common misconception that you cannot benefit from insurance policies unless making a claim.

With a Vitality policy brought to you by Health Rewards, customers can personally benefit from their insurance in a myriad of ways. Whether it be treating your family with free weekly cinema tickets or receiving discounts on spa weekends with that special someone, Health Rewards is the insurer who keeps on giving.

It might sound to good to be true, but our philosophy is simple – prevention is far better than the cure. That is why our pioneering health and life insurance policies reward customers and provide incentives for them lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

As well as receiving the most comprehensive health insurance policies on the market, every week Health Rewards and Vitality will reward customers in proportion to how active they are! Customers who incorporate regular exercise into their routine can access a range of benefits such as free weekly Vue and Cineworld tickets for all the family, a 50% Discount at Virgin Active Gyms, a 50% discount off trainers at Sweatshop and 75% off a Champneys health spas. Throw in a free weekly beverage from Starbucks and the opportunity to earn £100 cash back based on your fitness progression and you have yourself one mighty deal!

Health Insurance RewardsHealth Rewards and Vitality are not just for the active. We provide support for anyone looking to incorporate activities into their daily routine or improve their health. Our online community of support makes sure that customers have the encouragement and strategies they need to improve their wellbeing and earn rewards along the way. We offer free weight-watchers classes as well as access to the Allan Cars Stop Smoking programme. Customers who stop smoking with our support receive a further discount on their insurance premiums.

We at Health Rewards design our policies in a manner that provides peace of mind when it comes to you and your family’s health. We want to encourage as many people as possible to make positive health and fitness choices in their day-to-day life, all the while earning rewards and saving money along the way. So why not make your loyalty pay and enjoy the benefits on offer with Health Rewards.

To learn more about the insurance provider who invests in your health text REWARDS to 82228 or visit our website at

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