Who Are The Healthiest Workers In Britain?

Who are the healthiest workers in Britain? Doctors? Nurses? Firemen? It might surprise you to learn that trades people tend to live far healthier lifestyles then most others. Due to the physical nature of their work, trades people tend to get over eight times the recommended physical activity a week and over 81% of tradesmen would say that their lifestyle is a healthy one.

In a week, the average tradesman clocks 11.7 hours of physical activity plus another 4.9 hours in the gym or playing a sport. This over eight times the minimum amount of exercise the NHS says you should get a week.

Only 25% of Brits get more than 20 hours of physical activity a week and many of us eat more than our bodies require. In contrast, only 1 in 14 tradesmen eat more than their recommended calorie intake.

Thinking of getting a job that is both healthy and well paying? Become a tradesman!



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