4 Ways to Bring in Extra Income #MoneyMaking

So you think it’s time you made the transition from “slave to the grind” to evening hobbyist, and maybe get some extra cash out of it in the process? Look no further, here are four resources sure to inspire and delight you. Pretty soon you’ll be your own boss.


Do you craft? I think this definition is pretty loose here. You can knit, paint, sew, and sell just about anything you make on Etsy. This is a great market place for crafters and the like. It seems you can truly sell anything on this market, and you just have to be a little creative. Screen print slogans on some shirts, and if you don’t have a skill of the like it’s none too hard to pick up a skill like that with sites like wikihow. Step by step you can create your own business from home doing something you’ve always wanted to learn to do.


Have that sought after skill but live in a small town of three hundred, no jobs in sight? Well you can be a graphic designer from Riggins, Idaho with ease if you’d like. Freelance.com has tons of job listings in tech and entertainment. Employers post projects for you to complete and users bid on the price they will work for. Say you’ve never done a job before and want to make sure you can compete with the other users, just snag a project for nothing and then see if you can’t develop some relationships and complete a project in the process. It’s never been easier to branch out and find new work than now.


Are you of the musically inclined variety? Meet the world’s simplest most versatile way of selling your music. Simply sign up for an account, an even without paying for the premium features you’ll quickly be able to sell, manage and track your music. This handy tool has a sleek, very customizable feel and allows you to be completely in control of your product. Simply make some music put it online and start promoting yourself, it’s not a guaranteed paycheck by any definition, but you could make some money sharing your craft with the global internet.


Want to do a voice over for a commercial, but you’ve never done it? Build up your resume and make five bucks in the process. If you’re considering trying out something new, or have a proven technique that you know works, get online and see what you can offer for five bucks. In one of the fastest growing markets online, Fiverr helps connect those providing services and those that’ll pay five bucks to get them done. Think about what you can offer and get creative.

Maybe you’ve never truly explore the online job-o-sphere, but there’s never really been a more secure, helpful, and remarkable time than now. From college grads to seniors, everyone is able to make a little extra cash on their hobbies. If you need to get out of debt, then you can consider consolidating what you owe, and if you need to mail things from home there’s a service for that too. It’s never been easier to be your own boss, and be successful in the process. Good luck to all new entrepreneurs out there!


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