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Profit AccumulatorIs Matched Betting really the Holy Grail when it comes to earning online? Risk free, Tax free income that ANYONE can earn from home? Is it too good to be true?

I’ve never really been into gambling. I play the National Lottery occasionally and I do like a bit of bingo but if you’d have approached me six months ago and said the phrase “Matched Betting” I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were talking about. This phrase was slowly getting mentioned more over on The Money Shed forums so I started looking into it properly. I was being told I could make so much money each month TAX FREE with an initial starting amount of £60 but I didn’t believe it – surely it was another one of these scams? I then started seeing other people’s results, people I knew and trusted to give me the information I needed about it all.

The only information I initially needed was the link to the Profit Accumulator website because everything I needed to know was there. I was offered a free trial where I could make up to £45 in profit with no commitment to continue a membership; they didn’t even ask for my card details. I decided to give it a go.

What I initially loved was how much detail you are given so you know exactly how to carry out each offer. I was nervous about doing it, I was worried about messing up or doing something hugely wrong but each initial offer for the free trial comes with a video so you can see what to do as well as a written set of instructions, just in case it wasn’t clear enough – all nice and simple. I did the first two offers for the free trial and sure enough, I made money. It couldn’t be this simple, could it? I decided to go for the monthly subscription to Profit Accumulator and try it for a month but I was still sceptical, you start by doing sign up offers surely once you run out of bookies then that is it?

No! Those bookies you sign up to start throwing offers at you constantly. Then there are the slots, bingo and casino offers. I’ve found bingo to be a great source and have been teaming them with TopcashBack and Quidco to add a little extra cashback to my bank roll. Profit Accumulator holds your hand all the way through, emailing you offers each weekend and teaching you how to keep earning after the initial sign up offers.

Before I knew it my measly £60 initial investment was now four figures big and showing no signs of stopping; again all tax free and perfectly legal. I’ve gone from being nervous about placing bets to loving it and discussing it over on The Money Shed forum with many others who are also doing it.

So far with my winnings I’ve booked a holiday (I haven’t had one in a long time) and Christmas is done, all paid for with my earnings from Matched Betting. I’m now starting to put the money I am making aside for a mortgage deposit and a new car. It’s been such a relief and given me a few extra luxuries to enjoy. If you are reading this and you are unsure about starting then I say to just do it; if you have a little cash laying around (NEVER use money that you will need to pay bills) then give it a go. You will make a profit during the free trial then you can decide where to go from there.

My advice before starting is to set up a separate email account unless you are happy with each bookie emailing you every day (some 2-3 times) and to set up a separate bank account. Matched betting doesn’t affect your credit rating but should you decide to go for a mortgage they will look at your bank statements for 3 months. If they see constant payments to gambling sites they may assume you have an addiction. A separate account also makes it easier to keep track of what if matched betting money and what is household money.


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