Making Money From Your Blog

Making Money From a BlogHow to Make Money From Your Blog

OK this is not the be all and end all ways of making money from your blog. This is just a few simple ways that I have found, that I have been able to make money from my blog. Basically the whole exercise was experimental, just to see if what I wrote had any value at all.

Page Rank & Alexa Rank

One of the first things that I did was to install Google Page Rank and Alexa Page Rank into my Firefox Browser. There were two reasons for doing this; Firstly, I wanted to see how my site compared and was improving over time; Secondly, I wanted to see how popular other sites of interest to me were. Also when I visited other sites that were better than mine, I would get some idea as to why.

Getting Paid for Guest Posts

In the past I would often have people visit my site and offer to write guest posts for me, they would want in exchange a link back to another site. I thought this was a fair deal, besides it meant that I did not need to write as much. Also it allowed me to choose posts that were relevant to my niche.

It then occurred to me that maybe they would pay for a post? So every time I was sent a request, I would write back and ask how much they would offer? Some people never replied whilst others offered about £10 or $15. I would agree on the proviso that this would be for one year only!

I then noticed that my Page Rankings had improved and so as a result of this I decided to increase my fees. Up until recently I would charge £50.00 or $77.00 per year. Over a period of a year I made £880 & $1241.

I now no longer accept guest posts as it was only an experiment!

Viral Ad Network

I also signed up with . Basically this site allows you to embed a video link on your site, then every time someone clicks on it I get paid. I have not long been with them, but so far my account stands at £16.25. So not too bad, all I have to do is get more people to click on the video:

So why not click on the video below and help my coffers?

THANKS off on holiday now!!

Amazon Associates Central

When I write about things that may help others in money saving or money making, if there is a particular product or book I will also post a link to my Amazon account so that others can benefit by purchasing the said item. Each time someone makes a purchase, I am rewarded with a percentage. Now this has not been running too long, but so far I have made…… wait for it….. WOW £0.86. However, it does work and others may have more items that they review etc.

Here is an example of a post I did a while ago Washing Machine Balls – Do They Work I have to say that for me they do work and I still use them, so saving money!!!

So there you have it, a couple of way to make money from a blog that do work!



Making Money From Your Blog — 4 Comments

  1. This post is really helpful. Thank you for posting this. As I’m new to blogging this is going to help cut out a lot of the leg work I would have done had i not have read this. Thanks again.

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  3. Thanks for sharing these tips, I like the idea of the viral ad video embedding, I might have to try this on my site! I’m currently trying out adsense, it’s going ok but does depend on traffic. I also hope to write an ebook in the future which I can sell!

    • I think the whole key to it all is actually getting traffic to your site. In the early days some of the trick only brought in pennies. Just keep it going and with an increase in traffic your potential earnings will follow.

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