Debt Relief TabletThere is no simple painless cure for debt, but there are lots of things that you can do to make it easier.

118 Directories
Try to avoid calling 118 Directories – Each time you call a 118 number you can be charged the following:
Connection Charge: This will cost you roughly £0.50 per call
Per Minute Fee: For every minute or part of, you will be charged approximately £1.00
Call Connection:If you agree to have your call connected by the 118 Directory you could be charged £1.50 for every minute of the duration of your call.These prices are based on calls from landlines, if you call from a mobile the call will be even more!

How to Live for Free (click on image below):

CashBack Websites
If you do a lot of shopping on-line then why not join a chashback website? I personally use (there is a link on the right of this page) and if ever I want to make a purchase over the Internet, I check to see if the product I want is listed with the cashback website. I do not do that much shopping on-line, but currently my account is just shy of £100. I suppose this is also a Money Making Tip?

CashBack Credit Cards
If you can get yourself a CashBack credit card. Every time you use the card to make a purchase, you will get a percentage back as a CashBack. However when using the card you do have to ensure that you make full payments on the cards each month, otherwise you will be charged interest.I personally have an American Express card, but the big drawback with this card is that some retailers do not accept it. However, Tesco’s accept it and so therefore my weekly shop and fuel goes on the card. This probably nets me about £175 per year.

Washing Machine
Washing powders have improved considerably over the years, as a result washing can be done more economically. Experiment with  your washing machine to see if you can reduce the temperature of the wash,  and or shorten the wash cylce.
Doing this will save you on water and electricity.

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Bio Diesel
This tip can save you a fortune, but you have to check to see if your car can handle using bio Diesel!!
I had an old Ford Escort Turbo Diesel and then after that a VW Sharan , both of which I ran on old cooking oil or bio diesel. Unfortunately I do not feel confident to use it on my latest diesel car, as the mechanic advised me not to. Further reading search my blog for Bio Diesel

I really don’t need to write anything else; yes it is really hard to do, but the web is littered with the saving and benefits from giving up smoking.

Track Your Spending
This one takes a lot of discipline, make a note of everything you spend money on for a month. You will be amazed at where your money is going! We tend not to remember many of the very little purchases that we make each month. However, if you write it down you really will be amazed at how much the trivial things add up to. You can either do this in a notepad or a spreadsheet.

Toilet Water Saving
This is a great tip if you have a water meter installed, it is also a good tip for saving the environment. Put a brick or fill a litre bottle of water and put it in your toilet water cistern. This will save you a litre of water for every time you flush.

Car Air-filter
Make sure that the air filter on your car is clean. A clean air filter can improve your MPG by about 7%, saving you about £75 over 10,000 miles. On most cars this is a fairly easy DIY job to do.

Bank Account
Check the standing orders and direct debits going out of your account. I did this personally and found that I was still paying for things that I no long used or had cancelled ages ago.

Make sure that the tyres on your car are at the correct pressure. For every 2 psi your tyres are below the recommended pressure, this equates to 1% loss of miles per gallon.

Clean the radiator/coil at the back of your fridge this will make your fridge run more efficiently.

Draft Proof Your House
On a windy night go round your house and locate all the areas that are letting in a draft. You can do this with a candle, if the flame flickers then you have a draft in that area. Then find a way to seal that draft. If using a candle just be careful not to set fire to something! I remember reading somewhere that a good way of sealing some drafts was to collect the fluff from your tumbler and wedge it into any cracks to stop drafts.

Car Roof Rack
Driving around with an empty roof rack on your car can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%. So as soon as you have finished using the roof rack, take it off to save money.

Printer Ink
Printing can be a very expensive pastime, I personally buy compatible inks for my printer. I probably pay about £2 per cartridge which is much less than the over £10 I would pay for the standard ink for my Epson printer.

Air Dry Your Clothes
With electricity prices sky rocketing, hanging your clothes on a washing line can save you bundles of cash.

Packed Lunch
The average person spends about £5 on lunch, if my sums are right that is over a £1,000 per year. Taking a packed lunch to work will save you a lot of money over the year!

Take A Shower
If you are going to stay clean, it is better to shower than have a bath. You use far less water when you shower, you also save on the cost of heating the water. To save even more, switch off the shower when you soap yourself or wash your hair.

Insulate Your Property
A lot of heat is lost through walls and the roof of a property, so it certainly makes sense to get them insulated. There is an interesting blog here on Miss Thrifty that is worth a read. You can actually get it done for free.

Keep your razor sharp. After each use, run it up and down a full length of denim jeans about 20 times. Doing this gets rid of any nicks and keeps the razor sharp.

Car De-icer
Fill a spray bottle with 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water. The spray on the screen of your car, this will melt the ice.

Window Double Glazing
A lot of heat can be lost through windows. One way to keep the warmth in the house is to place a sheet of bubble wrap on the glass. Cut the bubble wrap to size, then spray some water onto the glass, the bubble wrap will then stick to the glass.

Washing Machine Balls
It would appear that these do save money. Take a look at my blog Washing Machine Balls – Washing Machine Balls – Do They Work

Click on Image to view prices:

Do the dishes by hand. Hell, we all hate washing dishes, but there is money to be saved by doing it by hand.

Dark Room
If you have a dark room, rather than trying to light it with electric, see if a mirror would brighten it up by reflecting any available light.

Washing Machine Balls
Well as far as I am concerned they work!! Why not check out my blog on Washing Machine Balls where I have actually tested them

Dating Website
I heard the story of a student who joined a dating website to get free meals.

Drink Water
All other drinks are very expensive, so just drinking water will save you money. You could also encourage your children to do the same. If you go out and get them to drink water, you could offer them 50% of the price as spending money. This way you still save.

Not a very long list at the moment, but keep coming back as I will be updating it regularly.

Recharge Disposable Batteries

I have experimented on recharging old disposable batteries and written a blog post about it here: Charging Disposable Batteries

Money Saving Video from the Frugal Girl:

More Money Saving Tips

If you have any money saving tips then send it to me or leave a comment.


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