Free software that could help your business

Free software that could help your business

For those of you who run small businesses, saving money on overheads is priceless. Every discount you can get is important, but at the same time, you won’t want to compromise on quality. This is where using free software could come in. It might seem strange, but if you want to save on fees for accountants, designers and the like, this could be the answer. Some free programs offer exactly the same services as their full-price rivals; here are some examples:



Saving money on hotel costs is useful, especially when traveling a lot. Net voucher codes offer discounts on everything from meals out to the weekly shop, and hotels are not exempt. By using a Travelodge discount code, you stand to make big savings.








If you want a PA, but don’t want to fork out thousands per year in wages, then the Unforgiven Organiser is the next best thing. Much like a similar Microsoft product, this calendar program allows you to organise your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule free of charge. You can also manage your contacts with ease.




Should you find Microsoft Office too expensive, then Open Office, developed by Sun Microsystems,could save you hundreds. Like its paid-for equivalent, you can create text documents, spreadsheets, magazine/leaflet-type publications and even slideshows. You can even make all the documents compatible with MS Office.



Accounting software can be pricey, but the Free Dynacom Accounting Edition has everything you need to help you in all your bookkeeping duties. You can manage everything from payrolls and banking to purchasing and general ledger functions. The interface is user-friendly too, which is useful for beginners.




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