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Jimmy Carr Apologises – WHY? — 2 Comments

  1. Simple answer Johnny Debt and I am shocked that you do not see it.

    Tax dodgers, legal or illegal are not contributing to the society that supports their enterprise.
    They are externalising costs of the education and health of their customers and staff on to their customers and staff.
    If society clamped down on tax havens and the off shore system then tax for the majority would reduce significantly.

    We may even be able to have a flat rate corporation tax for those who want limited liability and zero income tax
    Limited liabilty = 0% tax & PAYE

    Less tax for all Johnny? Or just the 1%?

  2. I party agree. Yes, we should be looking after our money. At the same time, Tax dodgers are costing an already struggling economy money. If the “working class” were smart enough, they could all do the same thing. Where would that leave us as a country?

    Effectively our poor are paying the heaviest burden, and with tax loopholes such as Jimmy Cars’ it’s no wonder we’re struggling to pay the bills i.e. NHS, Roads, Education etc.

    They’d be better closing the loopholes then lowering tax for everyone, including business owners.

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