How to Reduce Costs and Save Money when Sending Parcels in the UK

Letter BoxWith Christmas now less than three months away, thoughts are turning to the procurement and distribution of gifts in the UK. Apparently, us Brits spend the best part of £500 on gifts during the festive period (almost twice as much as our European counterparts), while we also buy an average of 14 presents per household. The cost of buying presents if often exacerbated by parcel and delivery fees, as we look to send timely gifts to friends and loved ones who live elsewhere in the UK

3 Tricks to Lowering the Cost of Sending Parcels within the UK

Fortunately, it is possible for modern-day consumers to save up to 80% on individual package costs, depending on factors such as size and destination. Here are three steps to achieving this goal: –

Avoid a Trip to the Post Office!

While this may sound strange, post offices are often among the most expensive service providers when it comes to the shipment of goods. This is particularly true when dealing with larger items, so it is far more cost-effective to instead partner with a cheaper, independent courier.

Not only do private couriers have a greater reputation for efficiency and the delivery of timely orders, but they also offer a range of variably priced shipment options that prioritise customer flexibility. You can also compare this market to reduce the cost of larger parcels heavier than 750g, which can cost a staggering £20 when sent through the post office.

Compare the Market Based on the Size of your Parcel

On a similar note, it is important to compare the courier market with some clearly defined criteria in mind. More specifically, you should compare the prices of independent service providers based on parcel size, as this will often highlight the biggest discrepancies and the greatest opportunity for savings.

Given that most couriers operate nationwide and have a vast network, prices tend to remain consistent in relation to destination. By weighing your parcel and using this as a metric when searching for the best possible deal, you will be sure to book the most cost-effective service.

Consider the Source and the Trend for Express Delivery

You cannot help but notice the growth of e-commerce sites such Amazon and EBay, while firms of this type have built much of their success on the cultivation of free delivery items. This offers a unique opportunity for customers, who can search for their desired items through these website, complete their purchase and opt-in to benefit from a free, next day delivery service.

Naturally, alternative couriers are trying to compete in the market by reducing the cost of premium, next day delivery services. Many may offer you a free service based on the volume of goods that you order, for example, while some while reduce delivery costs depending on the size of your parcel.

Either way, this is a good trend to be aware of and one that can save you significant sums of money this Christmas.


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