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Furnishing your family with all the brands they love, and shopping on a budget don’t always add up. However, a new website aims to make this task a lot easier. is the first site to place every sale item from 100s of retailers and 1,000s of brands into one website.  Currently it has around 300,000 products on the site across a variety of departments, including fashion, homeware, electrical, sports, kids and more.

We caught up with founder, Stuart McClure, to find out more.

“As a young father balancing the books and providing all the great products my family wanted was tough. I’d spend a lot of time online flicking from site to site looking for items on sale from our favourite brands. We wanted certain things from certain companies but had to be cautious with money. One day I realized there had to be a better way to shop the sales online.” says Stuart.

“A colleague and I set about doing some research into the idea and found that there was an even bigger opportunity for people to save money than we realized. Once we got the site up and running we discovered that an average of around 15% of all retailer’s products are on sale every day of the year – increasing at times like Black Friday and Christmas.”

“We want to educate people to make the sales the first place they look when shopping online. There are so many different retailers with so many products there is a good chance you’ll find what you want – even if it is this season’s stock.”

We had a look around and there certainly is an impressive range of products to shop from. A quick look at women’s dresses sales showed over 20,000 products with prices for designer dresses down to just £2 or £3 in some cases. There was also discounts of up to 85% on big designer names.

All in all, this website certainly helps people to tackle the dilemma of brand shopping in a great way. Unearthing every reduced price product in one place is a massive time saver and a great way to save money.


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