Save thousands by changing service providers!

Mobile Phone MastDebt is something that affects us all, with differing reasons and outcomes. Ultimately, and quite obviously, we need to stay out of debt and be as on top of our bills as is financially possible. There are many tips that you can find which help you save money – here’s the next one

Did you know that you are probably paying too much for your services, and if you changed you could save thousands of pounds? The question is, how do you do this? Keep reading and we’ll show you how a switch of service providers can see you quids in.

Broadband, TV and home phone

In today’s age, you can’t have a home in the United Kingdom without all of the trimmings. From SKY to Virgin, BT Broadband to Orange there is so much choice out there and finding the right deal can be easier than you think. What you need to assess is what your usage is – ie, when are you going to be using the phone and broadband or how many channels you need on your television. Once this part is done then you can go on the search for the cheapest deal. As a tip, the best deals tend to be in bundles and some packages start from just £2.50. Studies suggest that this can save you more than £200 each year.

Energy bills

Many believe that you can save up to £500 on your gas and electricity bills every year through getting the right deal for you. With these costs soaring, it has been a constant source of pain for UK dwellers. The rise of renewable energy has seen many switch to this, but that’s more from the heart than it is from the budgeters’ head. When it comes to these bills, you need to remember that there isn’t one supplier that is cheaper than all the rest – all the claims are based on average but every home is different. The best way to find what you need is by going to compare electricity prices with a comparison site on-line and you can compare and switch today.


Thanks to the consumer economy that we have now, there are so many things that need insuring to put your mind at rest throughout the year. Whether you are going travelling or have bought a new car, there are so many ways that your expenses grow. The price comparison site uSwitch says that people can save as much as £200 by switching car insurance and £273 when it comes to insuring your home. These all add up, and when you add bike, business, travel, student and life insurance as well there are plenty of chances for great deals that help you save thousands.

Mobile deals

We all need mobile phones and, in fact, many of us have a personal and a business one for multi-use. The rise in iPhones and HTCs means that we are always looking to add to our mobile collection. Finding the right price though can be the difference between sticking with your own phone or getting the new 4S, so it’s worth researching prices. Simply use a comparison site, enter the number and texts and minutes you use and let them find the best costing for you.


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