Saving Money – Washing Machine Balls – Do They Work

Washing Machine BallsDo Washing Machine Balls Work?

I recently purchased  a box of Eco Laundry Ball. I am always on the lookout for money saving items so I thought I would purchase these and then do a test to see if they actually work.

Before I get onto the test let me just make a note on what it says on the box:

Laundry Ball In!
Washing Powder Out!

Eco Laundry Ball


  • Easy to use, just put them in washing machine
  • No Harmful chemicals such as Phosphor and Boron etc. Reduce pollution
  • Protect clothes and skin. Better for babies’ children’s clothes and underwear, avoid hurting skin
  • Reduce rinsing times, save water, power and time, economical replacement


  • Avialible for various washing machines.
  • Temperature of water should not exceed 60 °C
  • Not toys, keep away from children
  • To prolong the life of laundry balls, dry them in ventilated places after washing


Before laundry, protocol, coat the collar, cuff, and other stubborn stains with the stain stick when clothes are dry, to get a better effect of decontamination.

Put clothes in washing machine together with 2-3 laundry balls. Presoak for better effect. No need washing powder for daily clothes.

Wash clothes according to normal process with 1 to 2 rounds of rinse. Leave laundry balls into the washing machine during laundry.

You can purchase Wash Balls here on Amazon:


higher alkyl sulfate, non-Ionic tenside, calcium carbonate, sodium metasilicate, essence, water etc

Anyway not really sure about the wording or the ingredients, but that’s what it says on the box!


3 x Laundry Balls

3 x Refill Bags
1 x Stick Stain Remover

The Laundry Test:

First Wash:

I deliberately kept some quite manky clothes to do this test. One of the dirtiest items was a pair of jeans that were covered in mud from an energetic day of hiking. Other items of clothing included sweaty shirts and jumpers, plus of course my underpants.

Muddy JeansOf course being a man I did not bother to separate my washing into light and dark item, I just threw them all into the wash at once.

I set up the washing machine for a short wash cycle with the temperature set at a minimum. I just wanted to see how well these laundry balls would work.

To be perfectly honest I was quite sceptical as to how it would turn out! However, I have to say that I was quite surprised by the results. On close inspection of the jeans all traces of the mud had gone, they appeared to be as clean as when they are put through a normal wash. The only thing that I did notice was that there were some little specks of white. These did disappear once the clothes were dry. I am not sure if this was from a previous wash, or as a result of using the laundry balls.

The sniff test – I know that when I put the clothes into the washing machine, they did have a bit of a hum about them. Once washed the clothes did have a pleasant smell, not too overpowering like some washing powders.

Second Wash:

In the next wash I decided to wash the bedsheets. Once again this was done on a short wash, with the temperature set at a minimum.

The results were great, no different than if they were washed using washing powder. I am not really sure, maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I thought the bedsheets felt a little bit softer.

Overall Verdict:

Well I have to say that I was very pleased with the results that I got. Obviously, this was only a very quick test, but I do intend to carry on using the laundry balls, to see how they manage over time.


I personally purchased these on eBay for a total cost of £9.99. Only time will tell if I am saving money against the cost of using detergent.

Certainly, my brief test did prove to me that I get a good wash on a short cycle at a low temperature. So this in itself seems to be a bit of a saving. according to some other information I found: Each wash ball should be good for approx 60 washes (depending on cycle time used), before needing to be refilled.

Please do leave a comment on your experiences with the Washing Machine Balls



Saving Money – Washing Machine Balls – Do They Work — 3 Comments

  1. I just wanted to give you an update:

    It has now been a few weeks since I started using the washballs, they really are doing the job.

    The other thing is that for about two years I have been suffering with Eczema on my left ankle. Since using the washing machine balls my Eczema seems to be clearing up! I have been to the doctors on many occasions, and tried many ointments and lotions, with very little effect.

    So was the detergent causing me to suffer with Eczema?

  2. Hi Johnny

    I was looking into purchasing some of these and perhaps running a review on a money saving blog, but there seems little need as yours pretty much covers it all!

    I’ve heard some people say that the balls are flimsy and can fall apart, what’s your take on this?


    • Hello Alex

      The balls that I am using seem to be fairly robust, so no problem there.

      I have to say that I am still pleased with the results that I get from the balls. I can certainly say that my skin allergy seems to be also getting better all the time. I have read on some other sites too that some people were not satisfied with the results, as for me, I will continue to use them!


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